Rumor: A Justice League Reboot Could Introduce the Legion of Doom

All signs point to Warner Bros. rebooting their DC Extended Universe if it wasn’t clear enough by now, and that includes the Justice League. Yet, even with a fresh coat of paint, a new cast, and a new set of creative hands, WB may still pick up where the first attempt left off.

We Got This Covered has sources relaying that a Justice League reboot is in the works and it will feature the Legion of Doom as the main group of antagonists. Their report states plans are subject to change as things are very early in development, but “WB definitely wants to bring the Legion to the big screen.”

Legion of Doom

WGTC vouches for their sources saying it was the same ones that told them a Green Lantern show is getting developed by Greg Berlanti for HBO Max – a story that turned out to be accurate.

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In Justice League’s post-credits scene, Lex Luthor summoned Deathstroke to a yacht in Monte Carlo and pitched the assassin on his idea for their own “league.”

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If Warner Bros. goes through with a reboot they will be doing it without Zombieland’s Jesse Eisenberg. WGTC also reported the actor is done as Lex Luthor. He was a polarizing choice for Lex to begin with. His character traits were more in line with the Joker and the Riddler, among other complaints by fans.

Eisenberg has been out of the DC loop ever since Justice League finished its theatrical run. When the sequel to the 2017 film was called off he was apparently the last to know. MTV News’ Josh Horowitz took credit over the summer for breaking the news to the star.

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Lex could be recast and so might Deathstroke, unfortunately, but both are reported villains Warner Bros. is keen on. Among the others are Black Manta, Reverse-Flash, an unnamed Batman foe, and a Wonder Woman nemesis, possibly Cheetah.

The Legion would have one more major player, one who’s anticipated but yet to debut; that is Black Adam played by Dwayne Johnson. Described as an anti-hero and due to crossover with Shazam! – and maybe Superman – Adam will fully join the dark side for a slot in the Legion, according to WGTC and their sources.

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Johnson is forecast to remain as Black Adam. Likewise, Jason Momoa and Gal Gadot will stay in the roles of Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Thus, a DCEU reboot won’t go all the way. Timelines are expected to diverge everywhere – leaving room for the standalone continuity of Joker and The Batman.

Months ago, WGTC said a Justice League reboot would be supervised by James Gunn (assuming all goes well with The Suicide Squad). Other rumors by Grace Randolph hold J.J. Abrams will direct the next one as soon as he puts his pieces in place with Green Lantern and Superman.

Abrams signed a big first-look deal with WB and is reportedly having conversations about a number of DC characters he may decide to relaunch with new casts. The Man of Steel is the one everyone expects him to go after.

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The Legion of Doom has existed in many forms in DC’s long history but usually is led by Lex Luthor. In the 1970s, they and their secret lair became associated with the camp of The Super Friends.

More recently they were popularized in the animated series Justice League and Justice League Unlimited with both Lex Luthor and Gorilla Grodd leading the group of villains.

Should we get a new Justice League with The Legion of Doom or something different? Comment below.

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