Bionic Woman Producer Kamran Pasha Uses Star Wars: The Last Jedi To Teach About Bad Screenwriting

Bionic Woman and Kings producer Kamran Pasha, who also teaches screenwriting seminars, made it very clear he uses Star Wars: The Last Jedi to instruct his students on how not to write a screenplay.

Pasha responded to a tweet from Wired staff producer Adam Lance Garcia, who pondered, “I have no idea how anyone can spend years being angry about a movie.”

One user responded that they are fascinated by The Last Jedi because every time they watch they find “more basic errors in screenwriting, editing, & plain script coherence seem to grow in number and severity.” They added, “It’s just a haemorrhage of how NOT to write a script.”

That’s when Kamran Pasha weighed in. He stated, “I’ve done screenwriting seminars at Columbia, University of Chicago and other great schools. I always use STAR WARS to teach students how to write a screenplay. Now I add: “THE LAST JEDI will show you how to do it wrong.”

This isn’t the first time Pasha has spoken out about the problems with The Last Jedi.

Back in October he detailed that there are a number of Hollywood screenwriters who share his distaste for The Last Jedi. He even says most won’t speak about it in public “for fear of Disney.”

Not only does Pasha use The Last Jedi to teach about bad screenwriting, but he describes the movie as a “garbage film that is poorly written and motivated by ideological issues from people who have no love for Star Wars.”

He has also described the film as “emotionally dead.”

What do you make of Kamran Pasha’s comments?

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