Following his dismissal as the voice of Broly after accusations of sexual misconduct were leveled against the voice actor Vic Mignogna, a recent Dragon Ball FighterZ stream featured the first English depiction of Broly since the controversy, and revealed to fans the identity of Mignogna’s replacement.

On December 2nd, BandaiNamco employee Dmitryi “@DKhlynin” Khlynin hosted the BANDAI NAMCO Brief, a weekly live stream previewing some of the companies upcoming video games.

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In this fourth entry into the series, Khlynin previewed the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ downloadable character, the Dragon Ball Super incarnation of Broly:

Though Broly (DBS) had been previewed before, this preview was presented with Japanese audio, and thus featured Broly’s long-time Japanese voice actor, Bin Shimada.

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With this first English language preview of Broly (DBS), fans were introduced to Broly’s new voice actor, Devil May Cry 5 and Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers actor Johnny Young Bosch:

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Though some fans, particularly those that support Mignogna’s claims of innocence in the face of the aforementioned accusations, were skeptical about Bosch’s taking on the role, Bosch took to Twitter to reassure fans, telling them that Mignogna was “glad” he was his replacement, and that Bosch considered the role to be “big shoes to fill.”:

Broly (DBS) arrives to Dragon Ball Fighterz for download on Thursday, December 5th.