A new rumor details that an upcoming Birds of Prey trailer will show Ewan McGregor’s Black Mask with his actual mask on!

The rumor comes from Twitter user Vullein who prefaces the rumor that they have not been able to fully confirm the rumor, but it’s what they’ve heard.

He then details that Black Mask will actually be wearing his mask in this new trailer. Vullein describes it as “pretty practical.” They add, “It actually looked really dope.”

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He also details that Black Mask might be building an army.

The leaker then provides some details on what else will be shown in the trailer including Harley Quinn and Black Canary trash talking each other.

He notes the Birds of Prey will reluctantly team up with each other to take on Black Mask.

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The trailer will also allegedly open with Harley Quinn in a disguise. Vullein describes it as “sunglasses and a bonnet thing.” She will also be killing a bunch of people.

They also detailed that there is a scene with Roman Sionis putting on the Black Mask.

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They note the mask covers his entire face.

The trailer will reportedly conclude with Harley explaining to Cassandra Cain why she named her pet hyena Brucey before sharing a Twizzler with the animal.

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Vullein does caution that this is a rumor and to take it with a grain of salt.

Vullein predicts the new trailer will drop at 3 PM PT during the CCXP Birds of Prey panel.

However, they tell me if it isn’t released today it will arrive sometime within the next two weeks.

Birds of Prey will be in theaters on February 7, 2020.

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