Billy Tucci Launches IndieGoGo Campaign for First Shi Graphic Novel in 15 Years

Shi creator Billy Tucci launched an IndieGoGo campaign for the first Shi graphic novel in 15 years.

The new graphic novel titled Shi: Return of the Warrior is 48 pages long continues the story of Ana Ishikawa.

Tucci explains:

“In this story over a quarter century in the making we now find our heroine Ana Ishikawa 15 years removed from when she last graced the pages of a comic book. Ana is divorced from her husband, disgraced NYPD detective Peter DeNyse and now lives a peaceful, quiet existence raising their teenage daughter Hotaru.”

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In fact, Tucci makes it clear that her warrior days are far behind her.

However, that won’t last. A fan-named character will break the news to Ana that Masahiro Arashi “has escaped from a New York City Mental Institution.”

Ishikawa will have to confront her former antagonist who is “now suffering from dementia [and] has regressed back to his younger more violent self and is vengefully obssessed with the one person responsible for his incarcerated existence… Ana Ishikawa!”

In fact, Arashi is hell bent on killing and murdering those closest to Ishikawa including her daughter, Hotaru.

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But dealing with Arashi and protecting her daughter might be the least of her worries. The fan-named character knows Ishikawa’s secret warrior persona, Shi. And she fears he might expose her and bring her life crumbling down around her.

However, he assures her he will take her secret to the grave. With her secret seemingly safe, Ana finds out that she will have to embrace her inner lioness and become the hunter once again.

Tucci is not alone in bringing Return of the Warrior to life. He is joined by co-writer Steven Peros, co-artist Ricardo Silva, colorist Brian Miller, and designer Mindy Lopkin.

The IndieGoGo also features cover art by Amanda Conner, Paul Mounts, Wes Hartman, Conny Valentina, and Mike Renzine.

Cover by Amanda Conner

Cover by Conny Valentina

Cover by Mike Renzine

In fact, Tucci was even able to get George Perez to come out of retirement and create a gorgeous Shi cover.

Along with the graphic novel, the IndieGoGo also features collectible challenge coins and Shi t-shirts.

The IndieGoGo campaign has already raised $40,675 from 697 backers.

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