Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios Turn Transgender Child Into Superhero

Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios partnered to turn transgender child activist Rebekah into a Marvel superhero named Mighty Rebekah.

Marvel Studios documented Rebekah’s transgender activism in New Jersey in their Marvel’s Hero Project series that airs on Disney Plus.

Rebekah partnered with Garden State Equality to campaign for the New Jersey legislature to mandate LGBTQ history curriculum in public schools. The bill was passed and signed into law by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. It goes into effect next year.

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The Advocate reports the episode shows Rebekah as a “role model for other young trans people in a support group and a singer in her Christian church, where her father is a pastor.”

Along with documenting Rebekah’s transgender activism, Marvel Comics turned the child activist into a superhero.

In an interview with The Advocate, Rebekah told them about the comic:

“I was speechless. I was like, “Oh, my gosh!” And then I looked at the comic and I was like, “How did they do all this?” I was just really astonished.”

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Rebekah then talked about the character’s superpower.

“I think my power is acceptance because I accept everyone for their differences and I can empower and tell other people … that everyone is the same and there’s nothing wrong with LGBTQ kids. “

Rebekah went on to talk about God and faith.

“Faith guides me in my activism by giving me something else to teach other people. There’s a lot of [misconceptions] that being LGBTQ, you cannot be Christian or you can’t be loved by God. But in truth, God made you who you are and God does not make mistakes. So you’re meant to be yourself.”

The New Jersey activist added:

“The Bible says that God accepts everyone and loves everyone for who they are. And the Bible also says that we should love one another. And by using the Bible as a weapon, it’s abusing the power of these words.”

Rebekah then detailed the message people should take away from the episode.

“I want to tell trans kids that they’re not alone. That there’s nothing wrong with them. There are people fighting for them and they should keep being themselves no matter what.”

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Marvel’s Hero Project Season 1: Mighty Rebekah #1 is available to read on Marvel’s official website.

The official description reads:

“Rebekah’s on a mission to shield LGBTQ youth from hate, making the world a safer place for everyone.”

The short comic is written by Mark Sumerak with art by Ramon Bachs, colors by Chris Sotomayor, and letters by VC’s Joe Sabino.

The Marvel Hero Project episode featuring Rebekah is currently streaming on Disney Plus.

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