The first trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 premiered at Comic Con Experience in Brazil Sunday and went viral soon after. A lot of questions were answered and a few spoilers have been proven accurate.

In it, we see Diana is reunited with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and springs into action at a mall and the White House, confirming our story about scenes from WarnerMedia’s HBO Max presentation. She and Steve fight gunmen and soldiers, fly around in her (not established as invisible) jet and have a funny moment at an art exhibit.

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Diana also gets close to her nerdy superfan – and eventual enemy – Barbara Minerva before she becomes Cheetah. A poster with Wiig as the villainous vixen dropped too, one of a whole set featuring all the main cast members.

Wiig’s costume indeed is the leather jacket and leopard print outfit depicted on that official-merchandise coffee mug we learned about last week.

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As reported, her look might not be final. Patty Jenkins said, per Batman News, Barbara Minerva “‘gets to a place’ where CGI was used to enhance practical effects.” Opportunity is presented then for the proper feral metamorphosis.

Lord Mandalorian

What turns Minerva into a monster could be a curse brought on by Max Lord, played by The Mandalorian himself Pedro Pascal. Lord is shown on TV saying “life is good…but it can be better” like a self-help guru would say on an infomercial.

He’s also shown behind a desk holding a large stone which could be his key to “bettering” life for others. Supposed spoilers from a screening indicate the stone Lord possesses grants wishes that come with consequences but give him power.

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His presence in the trailer is enough to demonstrate Lord is the real Big Bad, as predicted, and he has significant plans that concern the masses.

Mike Cecchini, Editor at Den of Geek, shared his thoughts on Lord and the other posters in a tweet. Impressed, he compared Pascal’s performance to Gene Hackman’s Lex Luthor from three Superman films with Christopher Reeve.

Moreover, Cecchini was reminded of Max Lord creators Keith Giffen, J. M. DeMatteis, and Kevin Maguire’s work on the character from the late 80s – fittingly enough.

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New Armor

A full look at Wonder Woman’s new shiny gold armor in action leaves its mark in the trailer as well. Interestingly, it comes with a helmet and a set of wings reminiscent of Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

If, as we heard and reported, Diana goes to Egypt to quell an uprising led by unruly Amazons, that could be where she gets the armor, which means a possible connection or reference to her Justice League teammate Carter Hall. He has yet to make an appearance in the DC Extended Universe though is rumored for Black Adam 2.


Wonder Woman 1984’s trailer debuted at CCXP in Brazil. It closed out the convention and was live-streamed on Twitter followed by a panel discussion.

A teaser displaying Gal Gadot swinging on the Lasso of Truth from lightning bolts preceded the full trailer. Complementing it was Gadot encouraging social media users to submit photos for the Wonder Woman “Power Pose” challenge.

Here’s that teaser:

And Gal Gadot asking for your Power Pose!


Wonder Woman 1984 enters theaters on June 5th.

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