Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’s final battle scene has leaked online.

The battle between Emperor Palpatine and Rey dropped on YouTube.

Take a look.

The leaked video shows Palpatine using his Force Lightning against Rey. He says, “I am all the Sith.”

It then shows Rey deflecting the lightning with a blue lightsaber. She responds to Palpatine saying, “And I am…”

She then uses a Force pull to bring another lightsaber into her end. She finishes her sentence saying, “all the Jedi.”

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She then brings up the second lightsaber and forms a cross with the two lightsabers. With the two lightsabers in a cross position, Rey moves closer to Palpatine.

As she gets closer the Force Lightning then begins reflecting off the lightsabers and striking Palpatine in the face similar to the scene with Mace Windu in Revenge of the Sith.

However, the Force lightning also appears to be collecting on Rey’s lightsabers. She then appears to channel some kind of Force Push where she takes the stored up Force lightning from Palpatine’s attack and fires it back at him.

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As the Force push strikes Palpatine, the camera pans out and there are a bunch of explosions and lightning strikes throughout the throne room.

The clip then ends.

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This clip confirms the leaks from months ago from Jedi Paxis as well as the most recent leaks from earlier this month, and the leaks that surfaced following the world premiere of the film.

Along with the clip of this final fight between Palpatine and Rey, a clip leading up to those events surfaced on Reddit that shows Palpatine healing when he uses the Force to pull Rey and Kylo to him.

Rey and Ben vs Palpatine (spoiler!) from StarWarsLeaks

Other footage has also surfaced showing Palpatine tossing Kylo into a pit.

And Kylo Ren saving Rey following the fight with Palpatine.

What do you make of this scene? What do you make of Palpatine saying he is all of the Sith and Rey claiming she is all of the Jedi?

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