Brand new alleged Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker leaks have surfaced on Reddit from user Jedi Paxis.

Jedi Paxis previously unveiled a number of details about the film in lengthy leaks over the past few months.

Jedi Paxis claims they were contacted by a new source with details about the film. Jedi Paxis explains he vetted this information with his other sources and confirmed the new source’s validity.

Jedi Paxis does detail that most of this information does mirror his previous breakdown of the film following reshoots and edits so he only adds information that provides further details.

However, it still appears that he breaks down almost the entire film.

He details that the film begins with Kylo Ren slaughtering natives in the red lit woods in order to obtain Darth Vader’s Wayfinder. This footage is seen in the trailers.

Ren discovers the Wayfinder, which is a pyramid shaped object. He then hooks it into his TIE that allows him to travel to Exogol. In order to get to Exogol, he travels through a red nebula like section of space. Jedi Paxis notes this section of space is seen in recent TV spots with Resistance ships later in the movie.

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After arriving on Exogol, Kylo Ren discovers what appears to be a science lab. He then hears Palpatine’s voice, who claims that he made Snoke and that he’s been orchestrating everything from the shadows.

The Emperor

Jedi Paxis then describes what Palpatine looks like in this scene:

“With regards to Palpatine’s initial appearance “flashes of lightning reveal Palpatine’s face, but with white eyes attached by his back to some vertical metal arm leading to something we don’t see.””

Palpatine then details his creation of a large armada and orders Kylo Ren to locate Rey. Kylo believes the order is to kill Rey, but Palpatine warns him, “She is not what you think she is.”

The film will then cut to the ice asteroid base and we see Poe, Finn, and Chewie on the Millennium Falcon playing holochess. There’s some nostalgia and humor in this scene with Poe and Finn insinuating Chewbacca cheats. However, Poe then points out its because Chewbacca has much more experience than them.

When Chewbacca goes to check on something, Poe and Finn turn off the game because they are losing.

Poe and Finn receive a satchel from an informant and attempt to discover who the mole is, but the informant stays mum.

In the scene where Rey trains on the jungle base, Jedi Paxis’ source does not recall any training where she attempts to communicate with past Jedi. However, she does get frustrated during her training when she chops down a few trees with her lightsaber. One of the trees even damages BB-8.

Finn and Poe arrive on the jungle base in the Millennium Falcon and meet up with Rey. However, the Falcon is on fire due to something called lightspeed skipping. Rey apparently is not pleased with Poe for setting the ship on fire.

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The source details that the combined might of Kylo Ren’s First Order and Palpatine’s forces are called the Final Order. The leak also indicates that Luke Skywalker apparently wasn’t just hiding away in exile, but had been attempting to find Exogol, but was unable to locate a wayfinder to get there.

The leak also notes that Rose Tico is relegated to a background character who merely offers motivational support to the team.

The leaked information then shifts to a First Order meeting with Kylo Ren, who is attempting to ferret out a spy. The meeting is where audiences are introduced to General Pryde, who apparently previously served Palpatine during the Empire.

Following the meeting Kylo Ren mentions Hux, but then changes the subject quickly after.

The leaked information then transitions to the scene on Passana, where Kylo Ren and Rey Force bond. After Rey snaps out of the bond, she and her compatriots are discovered by some Stormtroopers. Fortunately, they are able to escape with the help of some locals and Lando Calrissian.

The Stormtroopers are able to track down Rey and company during the speeder chase scene seen in the TV spots. One of the Stormtroopers hits the speeder Rey and company are on and sends them into a quicksand trap.

While in the quicksand Finn shouts to Rey that he has something to tell her, but before he can say it, they are sucked down.

After they fall below the sand and land in some tunnels, there is a bit of humor with C-3PO asking Poe why he didn’t ask if he was okay.

Poe then questions Finn about what he was going to say, but brushes it off saying they can talk about it later. Poe responds accusing Finn of wanting to just speak to Rey alone.

This thread is apparently not picked up in the film moving forward.

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Down in the tunnels they discover the sandworm. However, the source indicates the sandworm looks more like a viper. The source notes there isn’t a battle, but Rey uses her life force to heal it. After being healed, it moves unveiling an exit.

The source then indicates that the new droid D-O is discovered on Ochie’s ship. The droid was once Ochie’s property and apparently been “abused pretty bad.” BB-8 is the one who discovers and reboots him.

Regarding Chewabacca’s capture, the source details that Chewbacca goes out to search for Rey, but is captured by two troopers that might have been Knights of Ren. Finn discovers that Chewabacca has been captured after he sees him being escorted in cuffs onto a transport.

This source confirms that Rey will slice Kylo Ren’s TIE wing off during the flip sequence.

They also detail that Kylo Ren pushes the transport Rey thinks Chewie is on away to “push Rey’s limits.”

The entrance of Zorri Bliss is apparently hostile. She repeatedly threatens Poe and notes that the price on his head would recoup her losses.

During the memory hack sequence, C-3PO takes some shots at R2-D2 when its mentioned the astromech could restore 3PO’s memory. However, 3PO makes it clear he has no confidence in R2’s memory banks.

After the hack is finished, 3PO translates the Sith dagger before rebooting. However, his old memory is not restored and there is some humor with 3PO exclaiming that Babu Frik is one of his oldest friends.

There is a scene with Zorri and Poe reminiscing about the past and she tells him about the medallion. However, she does try and get him to leave with her. But she does eventually hand over the medallion once they come under attack from the First Order or Final Order.

Rey will have a vision when she grabs the Sith dagger in Kylo’s quarters on his Star Destroyer. She sees Ochie attacking and killing her parents in a city setting not on Jakku. They are apparently killed because they refuse to tell Ochie where Rey is.

Ochie was apparently sent to retrieve Rey, not kill her. The source indicates this is not revealed until the end of the film.

General Hux helps the Resistance escape Kylo Ren’s Star Destroyer. He asks Poe to shoot him in the arm, but Poe shoots him in the leg instead. Hux explains he doesn’t care about the First Order winning, but only wants Kylo Ren to lose.

After the Resistance heroes escape, Hux is executed by General Pryde for his betrayal.

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The source indicates the location of the Death Star wreckage is referred to as Endor. They tell Jedi Paxis, “It is called out as Endor, not the Forest Moon though it still seemed a bit debatable. We see Ewoks looking skyward during the planetary celebration, but not during the Endor sequence.”

Jannah’s backstory is revealed on Endor. She and her team are apparently ex-First Order troopers who mutinied when they were ordered to fire on civilians.

Rey then travels to the Death Star wreckage on a water skiff she takes. She disobeys the advice to wait until dark when the tides die down. Instead she takes off right away.

Jedi Paxis indicates his source tells him that while on the Death Star, Rey interacts with the dark vision of herself after touching the wayfinder. The Dark Rey then easily defeats Rey in a lightsaber duel noting she could be much more powerful if she submitted to the Dark Side.

The source indicates Rey is snapped out of the vision by Leia. Paxis relays, “They claim that right after that moment we ‘skip to her weakened being led out of the command room back at the base and someone comments that it will take everything she has left to reach her son.'”

During the battle sequence with Kylo Ren on the Death Star, Rey seems to be letting anger take control of her and she even Force pushes Finn and Jannah out of the battle zone.

In order for Rey to gain the upperhand on Kylo Ren, the source indicates that Leia’s final word is “Ben.” It’s enough to distract him to allow Rey to stab him in the gut. However, she quickly heals him.

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This source then confirms that Han Solo will appear in the film. However they note, “Not a force ghost, it’s as if he’s standing there alive again.” Apparently Han Solo gives Kylo some words of encouragement that mirror their conversation from The Force Awakens.

The source explains that the “I know what I have to do but don’t know if I have the strength to do it…” line is included. In fact, Kylo Ren even holds the lightsaber in the same spot, but this time he tosses it into the Death Star wreckage.

Rey returns to Ahch-to and attempts to toss a lightsaber into the ruins of a wrecked TIE she used to travel there. However, Luke appears and says that the lightsaber shouldn’t be discarded.

On Ahch-to, Jedi Paxis indicates that a number of the young Luke/Leia scenes are included.

His source tells him, “Style wise it almost looks like a droid-projection, the content is that it’s Leia’s last training session and she’s sparring with Luke but he mentions she stops and quits being a Jedi because she had a vision of her sons fall to the Dark Side and death.”

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Jedi Paxis’ source also confirms that both Luke and Leia know that Rey is a Palpatine, but choose to train her anyways.

Rey then leaves Exogol and transmits the path to Exogol to the Resistance. However, she does so in Luke’s old X-Wing, which causes some initial confusion.

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While Rey transmits the path, the Resistance apparently still doesn’t have enough data to get there. Finn discovers that D-O knows the way, and the Resistance set off after Rey. Lando leaves in the Millennium Falcon to get reinforcements.

After arriving on Exogol, Rey meets zero resistance and encounters the Sith throne. Palpatine emerges on his mechanical arm and reveals to Rey “everything to her including that the assassin was meant to retrieve her, never to kill her.”

After Palpatine reveals this information, they are surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of Palpatine’s acolytes.

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He then attempts to goad her into killing him, while also noting that she could become Empress Palpatine and take control of the fleet.

Kylo Ren, who is now once again Ben Solo, also enters Exogol. However, he “gets his ass handed to him by the Knights of Ren. The source confirms that Rey initiates a bond with him and gives him Leia’s lightsaber.

Palpatine then comments about their bond before sucking their life to restore his. Apparently his white eyes turn to the yellow/orange of the Sith.

The source notes that the signal to control the armada is not being bounced around impossible to stop. Instead, the Resistance forces head straight to the flagship.

The source notes they were disappointed by the Sith Troopers describing them as “no better than the average Stormtrooper from the original trilogy.” However, they noted that due to their sheer numbers they are overwhelming the Resistance landing party.

The Resistance ships in the skies are also being overwhelmed by the sheer number of Final Order ships. Poe begins to apologize, but is cut off when Lando arrives.

With the arrival of reinforcements, Finn and Jannah attempt a suicide mission to toss grenades into a hatch that leads to the signal transmitter. Their ploy works.

The source also confirms that upon the arrival of the new Resistance forces, Palpatine laughs and “lightning storms a good chunk of [the fleet] out of the sky Even Poe’s X-wing is shut off for a good bit.”

Jedi Paxis then details that his source confirms that Palpatine throws Ben into a ravine claiming he’s the last in the Skywalker line.

The source also confirms that Rey hears voices such as “Yoda, Luke, Leia, Mace Windu, and others.” These voices apparently give her strength to stand up. As she stands up, Palpatine attempts to lightning attack her, but she blocks it with one of her lightsabers. They appear to be at a stalemate before Rey pulls up her second lightsaber forming an “X” that allows her to deflect the lightning back at him.

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Palpatine then disintegrates and explodes. His death and destruction causes the arena to crumble and apparently kills Rey.

Ben is not dead, but climbs out of the ravine. Upon seeing Rey, he uses the force healing trick to give his life for her. He saves Rey, but it drains his life force.

The source then claims, “there’s a weird fanfic moment where they kiss, and he dies.”

Lando saves Jannah and Finn who were on the Star Destroyer that is now falling out of the air. It also notes that Poe and Zorri Bliss are both extremely skilled pilots.

During the celebration scene, Chewbacca receives a medal from Maz Kanata. Poe attempts to woo Zorri, but she shakes her helmet “no.”

Jedi Paxis’ source also details that this ending sees Rey returning to Tatooine to bury both Luke and Leia’s lightsabers. Rey apparently has her own lightsaber with a black and grey handle that ignites to form a yellow blade.

A woman appears asking what Rey’s name is. She replies Rey. The woman asks Rey who? Rey then sees Luke and Leia’s ghosts in the distance. She then responds Rey Skywalker. The source details that “she sees them as the parents she never was able to have.”

The source indicates that there really isn’t an explanation on how Palpatine survived Return of the Jedi. They explain:

“It is pretty ambiguous. He’s not really alive. It’s pretty horrific in that he’s basically a corpse-puppet on some sort of rigging, but he’s able to speak through the body via his spirit. He’s also “all the souls of the past Sith” in the body. Eventually, he manages to restore life to the body though. I can’t recall if they directly mention how the body was still intact, but it was a sort of, horror-mad-scientist lab, so it might not be his original.”

The Rise of Skywalker: last minute details. from StarWarsLeaks

What do you make of these new rumors? Does this sway your mind on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker?

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