New Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker plot details reveal that at least one “character’s face is melted by fantastical energy.”

The plot details come from the British Board of Film Classification.

Underneath their Ratings info section it details under the subheading violence that the film includes:

“Fights with fantastical weapons include impalements and brief sight of blood and injury. A character’s face is melted by fantastical energy.”

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Underneath the threat and horror subheading we get even more plot details.

“A young woman finds herself alone amidst an arena of sinister enemies, taunted by their leader. A character briefly becomes fanged and demonic.”

I don’t know about you, but this definitely appears to be hinting at what we can expect Emperor Palpatine will be in the film.

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Maybe more importantly it sounds like Voldemort from Harry Potter.

Harry Potter fans will remember that Voldemort actually acted like a vampire in the first Harry Potter film, where he sucked on the blood of unicorns in order to stay alive.

It’s quite possible that they may explain the Emperor’s long lifespan through some kind of vampiric Force powers.

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A Force Vampire is not unheard of. In Dangers from the Dark Side: Villains for the Star Wars: New Republic Campaign, Part Two, a Force Vampire  was introduced.

This Force Vampire was originally the Jedi Knight Tel Angor. Tel Angor was turned into a Force Vampire via experimentation from the Order of the Silver Jedi. They were attempting to create a living symbol of the light side of the Force.

However, their experiment went horribly wrong and transformed Tel Angor into a Force Vampire who fed off the Force.

His Force Vampire abilities allowed him to channel the Force energy he consumed from living beings and turn it into pure strength to bolster his attack or shield him from an enemy’s attack.

His transformation into a Force Vampire also granted him a Dark Side force ability that allowed him to channel fear into a physical attack.

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Vampiric like abilities were also introduced in Star Wars The Old Republic. The Sith Inquisitor class has a spell titled Force Drain.

Sith Lord Exar Kun would also perform a ritual sacrifice of thousands of Massassi lives in order to “shed the chains of his mortal body and run rampant throughout the cosmos.”

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Kun believes the ritual will allow his spirit to live forever. However, it ends up trapping his spirit in a temple on Yavin IV.

Needless to say there is precedent for vampiric Force powers.

What do you make of these new plot details for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker? Do you want to see a vampiric Emperor? What about a face melting? Are you excited for that?