New Alleged Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Leaks Detail The Emperor’s Role in the Film

New alleged details for The Rise of Skywalker detail the Emperor’s role in the film.

These details come from 4Chan and describe the climax of the film specifically Rey and Kylo’s Ren’s confrontation with Emperor Palpatine.

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And while much of the leaks are similar to the rumored test screening reported on by Doomcock, there are some differences as Doomcock details below.

The leak states that Rey confronts Palpatine, who is attached to a life support chair on Exogol. He proceeds to recite the speech he gave to Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi in what I can only assume would be an attempt to turn her to the Dark Side much like he attempted with Luke.

However, Palpatine also reveals that Rey is his granddaughter. The alleged leaker notes Palpatine “doesn’t go into detail about which one of her parents was his offspring.”

Rey then questions how Palpatine is alive, given that Vader killed him during Return of the Jedi. Palpatine reveals that the supposed Emperor who died was actually a clone. In fact, Palpatine reportedly reveals that he knew Vader would betray him. This knowledge of Vader’s betrayal led him to create the clones and seclude himself on Exogol.

The leaker also details that “the Knights of Ren are also implied to be clones.” In fact, a younger clone walks into the room, where Rey and the Emperor are talking. This clone is reportedly played by Matt Smith.

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After Matt Smith enters the room, Kylo Ren approaches the throne room, but is thwarted by the Knights of Ren. In order to aid him, Rey uses the force to teleport Leia’s lightsaber to him. After receiving Leia’s lightsaber, Kylo Ren dispatches the Knights of Ren and enters the throne room.

Palpatine seems pleased with Kylo Ren’s presence. The alleged leaker writes, “Sheev smiles and states how Rey and Kylo have finally been brought together, almost mirroring Snoke’s speech in TLJ. This is one of the things that JJ meant of “honoring” TLJ.”

Emperor Palpatine then issues Order 67. This new order causes a Sith Armada of Star Destroyers equipped with Death Star cannons to rise up out of the water.

In order to combat this new Sith Armada, Leia teams up with General Hux and the First Order. The two fleets engage the Emperor’s Sith Armada.

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However, in order to put a stop to this new fleet, Jannah and Finn have to lead a cavalry charge against General Pryde’s flagship. The leaker notes:

“Jannah and Finn lead a cavalry aboard General Pryde’s flagship to disable it as regular ships can’t destroy [it] for some reason. They must take out the flag ship in order to send the Sith Fleet into a disarray. Finn and Jannah kill Pryde and take out the flagship.”

Upon seeing the Resistance’s plan, Palpatine intervenes firing Force Lightning at the Resistance Fleet disabling it. The leaker then notes that the Millennium Falcon is destroyed with Leia, Lando, Chewie and C3PO dying.

While the Millennium Falcon is destroyed and the original trilogy characters are killed with it, Rey and Kylo Ren are fighting the Emperor. Kylo Ren is killed by Palpatine. He uses Force lightning and “sends him into the abyss.”

After Kylo’s death, Rey becomes angry, but is also somehow able to “channel every Jedi ever.” Palpatine attempts to kill Rey as well by firing Force lightning at her, but she deflects it and sends it back at him.  The leaker notes, “Sheev blows up, dying once and for all.”

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If this part of the leak is true, it’s a drastic change to how we’ve seen Force lightning handled in the prequels. In Revenge of the Sith, Mace Windu deflects Palpatine’s Force lightning with his lightsaber and sends the charged energy back at him. It does not blow him up, but severely disfigures him.

Nevertheless, after defeating Palpatine, Rey then uses Force lightning and fires into the sky in order to disable the Sith Armada. With the Sith Armada disabled, the Resistance fleet easily destroys them. The Resistance has won and cheers of victory ensue.

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The rumored final scene with Rey on Tattoine appears to be unchanged. The source writes:

“The ending involving Tatooine and “Rey Skywalker” is the same. They go to Tatooine to bury the Skywalker family’s stuff, and a stranger walks up to Rey and asks her who she is. She takes on the surname “Skywalker” as a title, for she has “found her place in life” and whatnot. The End.”

The leaker does add that the film will debut a week early in Japan so expect confirmed spoilers before it releases in the United States.

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