Writer in his own right and Fatman Beyond’s Marc Bernardin wants to see Tom Ellis and Matt Ryan reprise their roles as Lucifer Morningstar and John Constantine for a miniseries.

Bernardin pitched the idea on Twitter to Warner Bros. Television. He wrote to “Dear Warner Bros. TV” that he “would like to do a miniseries, starring” Ellis and Ryan.

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John and Lucifer drive cross-country “leaving broken hearts and scorched earth in their wake.” Bernardin tagged both Ryan and Ellis in his post and closed with “Call it…Highway to Hell. Give me money.”

Joe Henderson, an executive producer of Lucifer, was quick to respond with a GIF of the titular character showing approval.

Matt Ryan must like the idea too. He followed Henderson by posting a GIF of himself as Constantine flipping out his lighter and saying “On with the show.”

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Bernardin, keeping score, replied “Well, I think I’ve got [Henderson] and this guy…[Ryan]”

Bernardin then replied all he needs is WB TV and Tom Ellis to show their support. “Let’s sew this deal up by Christmas, yes?” – he added.

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Unfortunately for Bernardin, the deal is not sewn up yet. WB and Tom Ellis have yet to respond to his pitch.

The genesis of Bernardin’s concept may stem from a recent appearance by both Constantine and Lucifer on The CW’s Arrowverse crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Our snarky sorcerer takes Oliver Queen’s daughter Mia and a few others to Earth-666 where, in search of a way to reunite Ollie’s soul with his body, they find Lucifer at his nightclub.

Tom Ellis played Lucifer Morningstar on five seasons of Lucifer which started on Fox. Meeting backlash from faith-based and parents’ groups, the show moved to Netflix.

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Matt Ryan was cast as John Constantine in a TV reboot of the character at NBC. He’s played him ever since, showing up on Arrow and eventually Legends of Tomorrow as a series regular.

Honestly, Bernardin’s idea sells itself when he could write the scripts, maybe even executive produce, and get his co-host buddy Kevin Smith to direct a few episodes.

What do you think? Is there money in a miniseries featuring Constantine and Lucifer in a Brave and the Bold-style team-up? Leave your thoughts below.

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