Earth- 3010’s Wanda Wilson or better known as Lady Deadpool is the female version of Deadpool within the Marvel Multiverse. Unlike in the prime universe Deadpool’s life, Wanda found herself not fighting as a mercenary, but against a tyrannical version of the United States.

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In her universe, the United States was run by a fascist leader and a civil war erupted which caused her to join the rebel cause.

During this civil war, Wanda Wilson wound up fighting against Captain America who would later become General America. Captain America was attempting to enforce the fascist laws of this version of the United States of America.

Lady Deadpool vs Captain America

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Much like our own Wade Wilson, Wanda possesses a regenerative healing factor, superhuman agility, stamina, and reflexes, as well as an immunity to telepathic powers. Her immunity to telepathic powers comes from her healing factor which causes her brain cells to be in a constant state of flux. It leaves her mind both unreadable and makes her quite annoying to others.

Today’s cosplay of the day is brought to us by California’s own Nerd Alert and her version of Lady Deadpool.

In the first photo she can be seen with both katanas drawn and ready for battle.

In the next photo, you can see a bit more of the costume including the gloves, bodysuit, and the utility belt worn around the waist.

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In this last photo, you get a bit of a side profile of the cosplayer who looks like she’s both ready to kick some tail and annoy the crap out of her hero counterparts on Earth-3010.

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You can catch Nerd Alert Cosplay at various cons around the country. According to herย Facebook, her next con will be at Phoenix’s Comic Fest. You can also catch more of her work on Instagram and Twitter.

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