Sean Gordon Murphy Announces Catwoman Miniseries, Shows Off New Design

DC Comics writer and artist Sean Gordon Murphy took to Twitter to announce a brand new Catwoman series alongside a new design for the character.

Not only did Murphy reveal a new design for Catwoman, but he also announced it was the first time he’s ever drawn the character.

He wrote, “Catwoman cover I’m doing for an upcoming series I’m plotting with the great Blake Northcott. Stay tuned for more details.”

Murphy then detailed his new Catwoman design is inspired by Batman: The Animated Series’ design for the character.

Murphy added, “This is the first time I’ve ever drawn her, so I went with my own twist on the TAS version (grey suit). Whisker marks on her mask? Yes please.

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Here’s a good look at the cover.

And just for comparison’s sake. Here’s what Catwoman looked like in Batman: The Animated Series.


Blake Northcott approved of the cover writing, “I am officially in love with the whisker marks!”

She added, “This looks INCREDIBLE. I can’t wait to see it coloured by Matt Hollingsworth.”

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In a separate tweet she would write, “The cat is out of the bag: I’m working for DC Comics!”

She added, “I’m writing a CATWOMAN story, co-plotted by Sean Gordon Murphy (he’s doing the covers, too!)

Northcott concluded writing, “2020 is going to be wild! Can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on…meow.”

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Based on the cover it appears the miniseries will be taking Selina Kyle out of Gotham.

Black panthers or black-coated leopards are typically found in Africa and Asia while black coated jaguars are found in Central and South America.

It’s also possible Selina could be bringing along her longtime ally and sidekick Holly Robinson. It’s unclear, but there is a young child wielding a spear crouched in the tree next to the black panther.

She also appears to be on the run as you see a number of drones in the sky above Selina Kyle with lights coming down as they look to be searching the ground.

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What do you make of a new Catwoman series by Sean Gordon Murphy and Blake Northcott? What do you make of this cover and Catwoman’s new design?

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