Alleged Morbius Set Photo Shows Jared Leto Next to Spider-Man “Murderer” Image

An alleged set photo from the upcoming Morbius film shows actor Jared Leto as Dr. Michael Morbius next to street art of Spider-Man.

The alleged leaked photo comes from Twitter user Vullein.

Here’s a clear look.

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The image appears to be a clear reference to the final scenes of Spider-Man: Far From Home when Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is accused of killing Mysterio by Mysterio in doctored footage sent to J. Jonah Jameson and subsequently broadcast on The Daily Bugle.

Sony would release a follow-up short of Jameson diving deeper into the accusations against Parker.

Vullein also points out that the leaked image does not appear to be Tom Holland’s Spider-Man suit, but the Spider-Man suit that Tobey Maguire wore in the Sam Raimi directed films. In fact, the image appears to be from the PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man game of Maguire’s Spider-Man suit.

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When questioned if this set photo confirms that the Morbius film is referencing the MCU, Vullein responded, “Who knows, tbh, I’m assuming that it is, since it’s referencing MCU Spidey.”

He then added, “Honestly, Morbius referencing Tom Holland Spidey with a pic of Raimi Spidey from PS4 Spidey is the ultimate flex. And they’re not done yet.”

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It is still possible this could just be elaborate Easter Eggs found within the film. Twitter user WayneG1939 shared a number of set photos showing quite a few Spider-Man Easter Eggs that includes Kraven and The Chameleon.

As for the possible connection with Morbius in the MCU, Vullein had previously indicated that the Spider-Verse films would not be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

However, a recent report indicated that Sony’s Spider-Verse films which includes Venom and Morbius would indeed be attached to the MCU.

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That report indicated that MCU films, specifically Spider-Man films, would be referenced in Spider-Verse films. It also indicated that Spider-Verse films would also be referenced in MCU Spider-Man films.

It would also indicate that Spider-Verse films wouldn’t affect the MCU.

What do you make of this new image? Are you excited about the prospect of Morbius and the Spider-Verse films being part of the MCU?

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