New alleged details explain why Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson left the director’s chair for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Derrickson and Marvel Studios made headlines when they both announced they were splitting ways due to creative differences.

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Neither Marvel Studios nor Derrickson detailed what those creative differences were, but now some new information has leaked onto 4Chan.

This new information details that Derrickson “refused to meet deadlines and was constantly coming up with excuses.” It adds, “He frequently blamed Disney even though they were very accommodating to him.” It even details that Feige “went to bat” for Derrickson.

However, work-ethic problems were not the only reason cited. There were also creative differences on the plot and how certain characters would be handled.

This 4 Chan leaker details that Derrickson planned to kill Rachel McAdams’ Dr. Christine Palmer “in a horror movie cold open.” McAdams’ Palmer was not the only character he wanted to kill. Benedict Wong’s Wong was also apparently on the chopping block. Derrickson also allegedly wanted to destroy Doctor Strange’s cloak of levitation.

The 4 Chan leaker describes it as such, “He was basically going to treat the entire supporting cast he himself introduced like the Warriors Three in Ragnarok.”

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The Warriors Three were butchered in quick fashion by Hela as soon as she arrived on Asgard via the Bifrost.

Not only were there issues with the characters Derrickson wanted to kill, but there were also issues with the film featuring Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch as the main villain.

The leaker explains, “Feige sees her as the main villain of the picture and thinks her arc is the most important.”

Derrickson had other ideas, “Derrickson really wanted Nightmare to be the driving force and to lean into the horror he was wreaking on Strange’s life.”

Scarlet Witch

In fact the argument over Scarlet Witch’s role in the film allegedly caused Derrickson to yell over the phone to Feige, “Why don’t you just call the movie Scarlet Witch then!” He then proceeded to hang up on him.

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Following this phone call, Derrickson reportedly apologized and then asked to be let go from the project.

The leaker then details that Feige and Marvel Studios already have a director in mind, Darren Lynn Bousman. However, they caution, “take that with huge amounts of salt.”

The Problem with Namor


A separate 4 Chan rumor indicates the problems were not with Scarlet Witch, but the inclusion of Namor.

This rumor details that “the tipping point that caused Scott Derrickson to drop out of the movie were last-minute script revisions to include Namor now that Marvel Studios has gained full rights.”

Derrickson reportedly wanted more time, but Marvel Studios was set on a May production start date.

In fact, this rumor indicates that an old tweet from Derrickson that questioned, “Are You Experienced?” and featured the cover of Cullen Bunn’s Fear Itself: The Deep was “a reference to the behind-the-scenes drama going on.”

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That cover shows Doctor Strange drowning with Namor reaching his arm out to him from behind.

Fear Itself The Deep

What do you make of these separate rumors? Do you think either of them have any validity? Why do you think Derrickson left the director’s chair for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness?