Amanda Winn-Lee Recorded Taking Shots at Vic Mignogna and Supporters During Ohayocon Roast

Amanda Winn-Lee, the original dub voice actress of Rei in Neon Genesis Evangelion and prominent supporter of the #KickVic movement, was recently recorded taking shots at Vic Mignogna, his fans, and his supporters during a recent convention speaking appearance.

On January 10th-12th, 2020, the annual Ohayocon anime expo was held in Columbus, Ohio. During the weekend’s events, Ohayocon hosts an annual “roast” which features special guests being playfully insulted by their fellow voice actors and industry talents. This year’s guests included voice actor Jerry Jewell (Black Clover, Rebuild of Evangelion), voice actor Jessica Calvello, veteran translator and producer Toshifumi Yoshida, and Winn-Lee herself.

Following the ending of the convention’s festivities, video footage of Winn-Lee’s full appearance at the roast surfaced online, in which Winn-Lee ignores the convention guests and devotes her entire speech to taking jabs at Mignogna, his supporters, and her critics:

As Winn-Lee takes the podium on stage, she begins her remarks by acknowledging that Mignogna was not present to engage and responded with “F*** him!” before taking aim at Mignogna:

“Vic’s not here, but you know what? None of the little 14-year olds that he grabbed were willing participants so F*** HIM.

Now, fair enough, some of you, do we have any “I Stand with Vic” people here? Anyone? It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s a safe space. No? Well, you might be surprised to hear that I stand with Vic…because if you sit next to him it’s hard to escape.

He’s not doing too bad though. The other day I saw he had a signing in a parking lot. Oh no wait, he was flipping a sign in the parking lot.”

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She then directs her attention to Dragon Ball voice actor Chuck Huber (Android 17), who previously filed an affidavit in support of Mignogna and his current defamation lawsuit which claimed that Funimation fostered unhealthy work environments and alleged that roles were given in exchange for sexual favors, comparing his knowledge of Funimation’s inner workings with her lack of knowledge on grooming “a dog’s testicles.”

“Then there’s Chuck. Chuck Huber. I give zero f****. Chuck stepped in and declared himself on all things Funimation. He knows about as much the inner workings at Funi as I do about shaving a dog’s testicles. I mean, I know how to do it, I just haven’t had that much experience.

Chuck was actually supposed to be here, but he overslept and missed his flight. Of course, he still blamed Chris Sabat and wanted Jaime to apologize.”

Next, she turns to attorneys Nick Rekieta and Ty Beard, lamenting that Rekieta was “such a douchebag” and making reference to Beard’s losing of Mignogna’s initial lawsuit by calling his performance during the court appearance “embarrassing.”

“Then there’s Nick  and Ty , Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum. Nick is an attorney, it’s a noble profession. Yeah, he’s a regular Atticus Finch. Except he feeds anime fans to the rabid dog, then calls her a fat bitch. If Nick wasn’t such a douchebag, I would say that I was impressed by his fundraising abilities: I haven’t seen that many kids grifted out of their allowance since Nintendo Switch came out.

And then there’s Ty. I’ll get through it. You know what, nothing I could say would be anywhere near as embarrassing as his performance in court. So, I’m just gonna let him be.”

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To close out her time, Winn-Lee opts to ignore roasting her fellow guests and instead declares that she is going to “roast myself using comments from Ohayocon’s Twitter announcement that I was going to be a guest.”

“Now I’m supposed to make fun of all the people on the [unintelligible due to audience member coughing], I know. But, I’m kinda not in the mood. This con has been fantastic and I love seeing the anime fandom having such a blast even when they call me a c***.

So, I decided that, I’m gonna take the band-aid off, I’m going to roast myself using comments from Ohayocon’s Twitter announcement that I was going to be a guest:

“Best of luck to Ohayocon.”

“Wasn’t that the woman who has mental breakdowns on Twitter all the time? What made you people think that was a good idea?”

“She has fans? Shit, news to me.”

“Such suckage and an actor that is not even funny.”

Now this one, cracks me up: “She makes potheads look bad!”

This is my favorite because I have no f****** idea what he’s talking about: “Amanda Winn Lee blocked me for no reason, but of course she had to insult my mother first.”

“It’s funny that she voices a Persona user. I’m pretty sure Yukiko (Persona 4) would hate Amanda.”

“That’s like inviting Ren from Ren & Stimpy adult party cartoon to a children’s hospital to cancer patients.”

“She’s a sheety, s-h-e-e-t-y garden tool, and will always be a sheety garden tool.”

“Just hoping her f***ed up ass doesn’t strip and dance in stage in front of children this time. I feel sorry for that poor Penguin”

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This particular tweet refers to an incident that took place at the ACEN 99 convention wherein Winn-Lee performed a strip tease on a person wearing a Pen Pen mascot costume during a panel while End of Evangelion key animator Yuji Moriyama was allegedly in the audience with his wife and children.

She continued “roasting” herself.

“So, I take it you wanted to do a story on a mild…person. Yeah, she’s human, but she acts more like a goblin.” And then someone swoops in to say “That’s an insult to goblins!”

This one’s almost poetic: “She can go pound salt in the corner of some random unpopulated, desolate, westland, on some piss poor planet that no one has ever heard of for all I care.” I’m like, dude, you spent an afternoon composing that. I live in your head for free f***er!

“I really hope you’re not considering this person as a guest after everything she’s been saying online. There’s a reason her career is dead and it should stay that way.”

And last, but certainly not least: “She’s not in anything because she’s a f***ing psychopath”. F*** you very much, good night!”

While some of Winn Lee’s jokes were met with assorted cheers, most elicited only a small smattering of applause from the audience.

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After the footage was posted online, Winn-Lee was alerted by fans to claims being made that Winn-Lee and “several friends were plastered at a con and bad mouthing” Mignogna, to which Winn-Lee replied that she “was completely sober when I roasted that pedo creep.”

She then defended her appearance by reiterating her opening joke:

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