New Spoilers Disclose How The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths Sorts Everything Out

Few events, outside cinematic universes, have people’s attention the way CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover does. Like its film counterparts, the storytelling is epic on an Endgame scale. Plus, leaks and glimpses behind the scenes get out there as if we’re dealing with Wonder Woman 1984 or The Batman.

Thanks to that, under-wraps endings wind up spoiled, usually by Reddit. A post there, lo and behold, claims to have details of what goes down in the Crisis two-part finale and its aftermath.

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Crisis comes to a close Tuesday night and Redditor “superpyroman” has already seen Eps. 4 and 5 so he briefly breaks them down. Warning, likely spoilers ahead though you ought to pace the usual grain of salt.

The remaining heroes, the Paragons sent to the Vanishing Point by Pariah (formerly a Harrison Wells) last we saw them, spend months biding their time in space. Flash disappears temporarily but figures out how to transport everyone to the dawn of time with the Speed Force.

They tangle with Anti-Monitor in part four. Our readers will recall the set video of a climactic battle scene between him and all the heroes that went viral months ago – a scene the Reddit post hints is in the second to last episode.

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Everyone gets blown away by a pulse, leaving it to Oliver Queen, resurrected as The Spectre, to defeat Anti-Monitor. Superpyroman calls the finish “anti-climactic.” In the end, Anti-Monitor shrinks but he still lives.


Oliver’s job done, he dies again after a new Multiverse is created which is actually what happened in the original comic arc too. There was more than one Earth afterward, just not as many.

The new Earths of the Multiverse are numbered 1, 38, 2, 19, 9, and 21. Earths 38 and 1 – where Supergirl and Arrowverse continuity mostly take place – are “E-Prime.” Earths 9, 19, and 21 are home to DC Universe Originals (Titans, Swamp Thing, and Doom Patrol, respectively) – hence each exists as a standalone series despite Doom Patrol popping up on Titans.

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Stargirl, speaking of DC Universe, makes her debut. She and the Justice Society make their home on Earth-2, so also separate from the rest. Nonetheless, Stargirl will be shared by CW and DC’s streaming service.

A version of the Justice League forms out of the ashes as well. Comprising it is Batwoman, Supergirl, Black Lightning, Flash, White Canary, Superman, and Martian Manhunter.

Similar to the fallout from the Decimation in Avengers: Infinity War, few remain who remember what was. “Only the Paragons remember the previous Multiverse,” wrote superpyroman. A John, either Diggle or J’onnz, goes about restoring “most of the important people’s memories.”

Lex Luthor makes it through the Crisis and achieves a measure of victory by gaining ownership of the DEO. That wraps up Crisis on Infinite Earths and Episode 5, setting the stage for the next phase of the Arrowverse.

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Here is the full Reddit post:

The conclusion of Crisis airs tonight on The CW. We’ll see what is true and what isn’t.

Got any thoughts on the Crisis crossover and what we might see tonight? Leave them down below.

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