Zachary Levi went public with some serious issues lately. He questioned his self-worth and life in a period of introspection before he got the role of a lifetime in Shazam.

Now a part of the DC Extended Universe and the future of a franchise in his hands, like lightning, Levi expressed doubt of a different kind that generated some blowback.

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Though not part of the process that brought Zack Snyder’s vision for DC heroes to the screen, Levi said in October at Celebrity Fan Fest Preview Con he didn’t believe the Snyder Cut of Justice League exists.

Here is part of his statement:

“Well, I know what a whole bunch of people on Twitter keep crying out for, but it doesn’t exist. As far as I know, it doesn’t exist. “Of course there’s always like initial, early drafts, or early cuts that they’ll show studios and stuff like that, but I’m sure that’s as far as that got.”

Levi then addressed that Joss Whedon finished the Justice League that was released to theaters in 2017, adding his contention a version “that was all Zack Snyder” is merely unbelievable online rumors and innuendo.

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In closing, he encouraged followers of the Snyder Cut hoopla to put their “passion into another cut of something else” because the Snyder Cut “doesn’t exist.” got wind of Levi’s words and reported on them. This gave rise to a small polarized reaction on social media.

Some Snyder Cut supporters decided to pick a bone with Levi but he appears to take it in stride, as in this Twitter exchange where he jokingly declares his “#Boomer status!”:

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The real trouble might be for If they ever want to interview Levi, the site might be out of luck. Quoting a tweet accusing them of stoking flames, he poked fun at “how they represent news” and questioned their trustworthiness.

“I now get to decide which outlets I’ll speak to or not when doing press,” the actor wrote, and more:

Zachary Levi may disagree and hold his ground but Zack Snyder has a year of Vero posts, which we’ve documented, and a photo of four film canisters – with a very clear description written on them – to back up claims of a Justice League Director’s Cut.

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Zack Snyder Cut

Moreover, his most vehement support comes from one of his stars, Jason Momoa, who has gone on record saying he has seen the Snyder Cut and that he believes Snyder can finish it.

But how about you? What do you have to say about Zachary Levi’s comments or the Snyder Cut? Say it below.

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