Rumor: Brandon Routh’s Superman Could Be in Line for a TV Miniseries

One show, Superman and Lois starring Tyler Hoechlin as Clark/Big Blue and Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane, a hit with Arrowverse viewers, is already in the works; but that might be the mere tip of the Kryptonian iceberg.

Brandon Routh, who recently stepped back into the red and blue, may have enough demand to warrant a Superman series of his own. This would be a miniseries for either The CW or HBO Max spinning off from Crisis on Infinite Earths’ aftermath.

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Filmmaker and gamer “The MandaloRYAN” first passed along this rumor on Instagram, claiming he’d heard it once too often recently “for it to be a false lead.” Below is his post.

The rumor claims the positive response to Routh’s appearance as Superman during Crisis sparked a meeting with Warner Bros. involving Routh, Greg Berlanti, and “a small collection of creatives” connected to Superman Returns. Developed alongside Superman & Lois, Berlanti would produce like he does everything else. He is doing Green Lantern for HBO Max as well.

Established characters would return – meaning everyone at the Daily Planet Joker killed – Lois, Perry, Jimmy, etc. What isn’t said is if we can count on the return of Kate Bosworth, Sam Huntington, or Frank Langella who played Lois, Jimmy Olsen, and Perry White, respectively. Obviously out of the question are Kevin Spacey and Bryan Singer.

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Brandon Routh’s Life as Superman

Brandon Routh played Superman in 2006’s Superman Returns directed by Bryan Singer. It performed below expectations and a sequel where Routh’s Man of Steel battles Brainiac was scrapped.

Superman was rebooted with Man of Steel a decade later, giving us the DC Extended Universe we have today – at least for now.


Routh remained tied to DC after he was cast as The Atom in CW’s Arrowverse, leaving the door open for him to return to the red cape in its Multiverse. That opportunity came in the crossover Crisis where he portrayed a version of Superman from Kingdom Come.

That Superman was revealed to be the future of Richard Donner and Christopher Reeve’s iteration and that’s where Routh finds himself now with this show possibly happening. Last we saw him, he was flying into space smiling as Reeve did with gold replacing the black on his chest plate.

The rumor coincides with Routh imminently departing Legends of Tomorrow. His schedule freeing up soon indicates a Superman miniseries has a chance of moving forward.

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My Take

Routh looks great and, like Henry Cavill, he seems to have years of Superman stories in him left to tell. If he and Berlanti want him to take flight one more time, I say let him.

One Superman TV series rolling into production and another possibly on the horizon: not bad for a character who isn’t relevant enough anymore.

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