The CW may already be planning the encore to the massive Crisis on Infinite Earths event that took the Multiverse by storm.

A Mikey Sutton scoop says producer and showrunner Greg Berlanti “is about to stack the deck” and follow up Crisis with a reworking of the 2006 limited series 52 as the next CW crossover.

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The details were posted to the Geekosity Facebook group.

Mikey Sutton '52'

52 (not the same as New 52) came after the mid-aughts seven-issue series/crossover Infinite Crisis. New issues – written by Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid, and Grant Morrison – came out every week for an entire year.

A missing year ensued Infinite Crisis. 52 chronicled events during that period – in which Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman briefly hung up the heroics.

There were several interconnecting stories but the main subplots revolve around Booster Gold, Rip Hunter, Elongated Man, Lex Luthor, Black Adam, Animal Man, Starfire, Adam Strange, Will Magnus, his Metal Men, and The Question.


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Sutton states “for budgetary and continuity reasons” 52 has to be tweaked. For one, Black Adam is tied up as a movie property and things must ideally fit “the current landscape” of the Arrowverse. They probably can’t afford The Rock anyway.

In the series, Lex Luthor starts the Everyman Project to give average humans superpowers. This has disastrous consequences and should serve as the foremost plot thread tying events together. Seeds are already planted through Lena Luthor’s Biomax project begun in the current season of Supergirl.


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Sutton adds five parts wouldn’t be enough airtime to cover everything but Berlanti “would like to add Booster Gold and Question” to the mix.

In closing, Sutton, signing off as the “fly in the ointment,” says “it remains to be seen if” 52 is the very next crossover but it “is coming.”

Lords of the Long Box made a video about the news.

52 led to a slight overhaul of the DC lineup and was harkened back to by the New 52 relaunch in 2011.

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