Artists Honor Kobe Bryant After His Tragic Passing

A number of artists honored NBA superstar and former Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant after he tragically died in a helicopter crash alongside his daughter Gianna.

Graphic artist Boss Logic honored Kobe Bryant by depicting him handing the ball over to LeBron James.

Boss Logic would elaborate on the photo in a subsequent post writing, “Feels like I got punched in the gut, waking up to this news felt like a bad dream, I feel like I lost someone close to me, it actually hurts.”

He added, “Rest in peace to everyone on that helicopter. Condolences to all the families, wish we can all go back to yesterday and fix this… Life is just a light switch, so quick to turn off.”

He would then share an image of Bryant and his daughter Gianna with halos over their head looking up at a basketball hoop.

Boss Logic captioned the photo, “‘Hoops are a little different up here, we all get one.'” He added, “Rest in peace Kobe and Gigi and the 7 others in that tragic accident.”

Boss Logic then gave some advice to his followers, “Hug and kiss those that you love closely and regularly, you truly never do know when it might be too late. Rest in paradise.”

Boss Logic wasn’t the only artist to pay homage to Kobe Bryant.

The Imaginative Hobbyist depicted Bryant with wings and a halo as he flies up to perform a slam dunk.

He captioned the photo, “Rest in Peace, Mr. Bryant… You were the best. My thoughts and prayers go out to each and every of your loved ones.”

Other artists shared their work to Instagram as well.

Street artist Eras also honored Kobe Bryant in Atlanta.

Another street artist by the name of MFK also honored Kobe in the Fourth Ward Skatepark.

It wasn’t just graphic artists and street artists. Manga artist Tsurun Hatomune of Mitama Security fame also honored Bryant.

Kobe Bryant was a legend and he will definitely be missed.

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