New details about Star Wars’ The High Republic era were revealed in Charles Soule and Jesus Saiz’s Star Wars #2.

An image from the comic showing Rebellion Alliance Commander Grek referencing the High Republic was shared to the Star Wars Leaks subreddit.

In the image Grek states, “In the days of the High Republic, the galaxy was not as settled as it is now. Areas like the outer rim were dangerous, hard to navigate.”

He continues, “So that people of that time built a huge space station at great effort and expense and place it in the center of the dark zones.”

Grek added, “It sent out a signal that acted as a sort of beacon helping travelers find their way.”

As for the name of the station, it appears to be called Starlight.

This isn’t the first time a High Republic era has been referenced in a Charles Soule comic. In Star Wars: The Rise of Kylo Ren #2, the High Republic is also referenced and we even get a look at some of the ruins from that era.

The reference is made during a flashback sequence when explorer Lor San Tekka explains to Luke Skywalker he’s gotten wind of a Jedi outpost on Elphrona and believes it to be from the High Republic Era. Lor San Tekka describes the era as a “time of greatly expanded Jedi activity throughout the galaxy.”

We would even get a look at the Jedi outpost on Elphrona and what it looked like.

Skywalker indicates the outpost is a “treasure trove.” While Tekka explains, “The Jedi of the time must have used this as a storage site and been unable to return to gather these items.” He adds, “This is truly unfortunate.” It makes one wonder what caused the Jedi to abandon the outpost and why it is still seemingly still intact and stocked to the brim with Jedi artifacts and weapons.

These references to the High Republic era are significant if rumors surrounding the era are true.

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Making Star Wars’s Jason Ward previously detailed that the next set of Star Wars films would be set in the High Republic era.

Ward described the High Republic era as “about 400 years before the Skywalker Saga.” He added, “So this is when Darth Bane’s already set up the Rule of Two.”

He also indicated it could be part of Star Wars’ mysterious Project Luminous.

The project has a number of Star Wars creatives involved including Claudia Gray, Justina Ireland, Daniel Jose Older, Cavan Scott, and Charles Soule.

Scott described Project Luminous as “easily the biggest thing I’ve ever been involved with.” He had previously described it at Star Wars Celebration as “one big story.”

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However, hard details about what Project Luminous is are few and far between if there are any.

But there was a rumor from Ziro that indicated Project Luminous is a “connected multiplatform story…set 300-400 years BEFORE the Skywalker Saga.”

This rumor also indicated “the plot would involve a group of Jedi setting out to explore the then-unknown regions of the Galaxy.”

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The comic appears to confirm that individuals were setting out to explore the galaxy during the era of the High Republic. Given the comic is also written by Soule, it’s quite possible this could be a significant tease for Project Luminous as Disney, Marvel Comics, and Lucasfilm set the stage for their next phase of storytelling that could involve an interconnected storyline that involves comics, video games, novels, films, and TV.

What do you make of this reference to the High Republic Era? Do you think it means anything?

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