Rumor: New Star Wars Movies To Be Set During The High Republic Era

A new rumor details that the next Star Wars films will take place during The High Republic era.

This rumor comes from Making Star Wars’ Jason Ward.

Ward says, “As you can see from the title of this, it’s called The High Republic.”

He adds, “I don’t think that’s the title of the series, but the title of the era.”

Ward then goes into detail on when The High Republic era takes place.

“It sounds like it’s about 400 years before the Skywalker Saga. So this is when Darth Bane’s already set up the Rule of Two.”

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Ward adds, “Yoda is going to be a Jedi, or he’s out there at least and he’s doing his thing, but he’s not the old guy that we knew from the Skywalker Saga.”

He then reveals that this new set of films will not be a trilogy, but will instead be a series.

Ward details that this series was expected to be helmed by Game of Thrones’ David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, and that it’s possible it could be attached to Project Luminous.

What is Project Luminous?

According to comic book writer and Star Wars novelist Cavan Scott, “Project Luminous is the codeword for the top-secret Lucasfilm initiative.”

He claims he’s been working on the project since the summer of 2018 alongside other Star Wars creatives in Claudia Grey, Justina Ireland, Daniel Jose Older, and Charles Soule.

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In a blog post in April 2019, Scott explains that “Project Luminous is easily the biggest thing I’ve ever been involved with.”

Star Wars Jedi vs Sith

He doesn’t really provide any more details except that he’s made two trips to Skywalker Ranch to participate in a number of “intense workshops.”

The blog post came after Scott’s appearance at Star Wars Celebration where he described Project Luminous as “one big story.”

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At the end of December, Scott cryptically answered a fan about the status of Project Luminous.

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Project Luminous is the MCU for Star Wars

However, a rumor from Ziro details that Project Luminous is Lucasfilm’s attempt to make “the future of the Star Wars franchise similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

They explain that Project Luminous is a “connected multiplatform story…set 300-400 years BEFORE the Skywalker Saga.”

They add that “the plot would involve a group of Jedi setting out to explore the then-unknown regions of the Galaxy.”

Star Wars Jedi vs Sith

The rumor details that it would be set-up like the Marvel Cinematic Universe with different Jedi having different powers.

Along with exploring the unknown regions they will also be taking on “three different types of enemies, darkest being ancient evils, Sith gods of some sort.”

The first release for Project Luminious, according to this rumor, is supposed to be a video game in 2021.

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