Following the premiere of Birds of Prey and a number of early screenings, a full summary of the film has arrived online courtesy of Reddit user AlphaFoxrun.

AlphaFoxrun details the film begins in cartoon format with Harley Quinn detailing her origin. In fact, AlphaFoxrun explains that Harley Quinn narrates the entire film, but also notes that the film is nonlinear in its story telling.

The film begins with Harley detailing she just broke up with Joker and was taking the break up bad because she doesn’t have anyone.

She eventually pisses off Black Mask by crippling his driver. After pissing off Black Mask she goes on a multi-day bender where she steals a gas tanker and blows up Ace Chemical.

AlphaFoxrun then details that Renee magically knows that it was Harley Quinn who blew up the factory in order to get over Joker. They detail that almost all of the characters come to this conclusion. Black Mask even puts a hit on Harley Quinn.

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The film then apparently cuts to Black Canary calling Montoya and detailing that everyone is after Cassandra Cain. AlphaFoxrun details that whenever the film cuts to a new character, their origin is told. It’s safe to assume that we get an origin for Cassandra Cain.

At this point, Black Mask apparently saves Harley Quinn from getting raped and then appoints her as his new driver. While she’s Black Mask’s driver she acts as an informant for Montoya.

AlphaFoxrun describes Montoya’s character as “every cop cliche.” They add, “Partner stole her career making arrest. No one gives her credit. Spends half the movie in a “I shaved my balls for this shirt.”

There is then a scene with Harley Quinn breaking into the police station with a bean bag shotgun.

The film then apparently cuts to Montoya chasing Harley, who got her hands on an egg sandwich. Montoya eventually chases down Harley and knocks the sandwich out of her hand. Harley then threatens revenge before escaping and being captured by Black Mask.

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After being captured by Black Mask, he threatens to murder her. In order to assuage Black Mask, Harley offers to capture Cassandra Cain for him after she found out she swallowed a diamond. Black Mask then puts out a half a million dollar reward on Cain.

The movie then cuts back to Harley in the police station with the bean bag shotgun. She fights her way through a number of the officers to where they are holding Cassandra Cain. Instead of just releasing Cain, Harley releases the entire jail. She then has to fight her way through all of these prisoners to get to Cain. AlphaFoxrun describes the fight scene:

“She beats them all up with ballet moves and gymnastics and then chases Cassandra through the police station.”

After mowing down the prisoners, Harley and Cassandra Cain are cornered in the evidence room by a number of mercenaries. Harley takes care of these guys rather easily. However, a number of gun-toting mercenaries show up. Harley has to take cover behind a pallet of cocaine. Due to the gunfire, Harley breathes in a bunch of cocaine and then goes on a rampage disarming all of the mercenaries and breaking most of their legs.

Harley then wins over Cassandra Cain’s trust by tricking her. It’s unclear what exactly she does, but Harley eventually begins instructing Cassandra Cain on life lessons. She takes her on a shopping trip and introduces her to her Chinese landlord. While at Harley’s apartment they eat some cereal together.

Harley then gets a knock at the door. As she goes over to the window to see who it is, a ball of fireworks is thrown into the apartment and destroys it.

AlphaFoxrun then details that Harley’s pet hyena suddenly vanishes during the fireworks explosion. She also then goes to confront her landlord, who is packing up his belongings. He confesses to betraying her. It’s then that Harley decides to turn in Cassandra Cain. Harley apparently completely ignores the person who actually attacked her.

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The scene then cuts to Huntress and her origin is detailed. She’s Bertinelli’s daughter and the original owner of the diamond that Black Mask is hunting. The origin is similar to the comics. Her entire family is massacred. However, she is able to survive because she played dead. She then is whisked into the countryside where she trained to become an assassin and has been killing everyone involved in the murder of her family.

The movie then cuts back to Harley Quinn who sets up a meeting with Black Mask at an abandoned amusement park fun house. Black Mask sends Black Canary and Victor Zsasz to get Harley and Cassandra Cain. However, Zsasz uncovers that Black Canary is working with Renee Montoya after she leaves her phone out in the open and Montoya texts her saying she will be at the fun house as well.

Zsasz, Montoya, and Black Canary arrive at the fun house and meet up with Harley and discover she has tied Cassandra Cain to a toilet. Zsasz then tries to get Black Canary to cut Cassandra open. It turns into an all out fight with Huntress killing Zsasz as he was part of the gang that killed her family.

After Zsasz’s death, Black Mask shows up with his army and a fight ensues in the fun house. AlphaFoxrun describes this as “easily the best part of the movie.”

That fight scene was also leaked online by Reddit user Mervlous.

looks like CW fight scene from DCEUleaks

AlphaFoxrun then details Harley and company apparently believe they’ve won and triumphantly exit the fun house. However, Black Mask’s army begins firing upon them. In the chaos, Black Mask grabs Cassandra Cain and start to drive away.

In order to stop him, Black Canary uses her Canary Cry to propel Harley Quinn, who is now wearing roller skates, after him. It’s not enough though and Huntress arrives on her motorcycle to help pull Harley along. She then flings her toward Black Mask’s car, while wrecking.

Harley Quinn then causes Black Mask to wreck. However, he flees on foot to a foggy pier. Harley pulls out a gun, that has a single shot left. She fires, but misses hitting a statue instead. But Cassandra shows Harley that she’s pulled one of the pins from a grenade that Black Mask has. Seeing this, Harley throws Black Mask over the pier where he explodes in mid air.

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The film winds down with Renee Montoya quitting the police force. Huntress uses her family’s wealth to fund a brand new crime fighting team, the Birds of Prey, which includes Montoya and Black Canary.

Harley is the one who ends up with the diamond and she pawns it for cash. She and Cassandra Cain then ride off into the sunset.

AlphaFoxrun then details there is a little bit of a post-credit scene with Harley “doing a voice-over saying that she knows a secret and that Batman is.”

They would answer a number of questions for inquiring minds.

In those questions AlphaFoxrun details that the hyena doesn’t actually die, but shows up by the end of the film. He also notes that Black Mask’s death is very graphic and that only a couple limbs survived the explosion.

AlphaFoxrun also indicates that the film is “very forgettable” and they didn’t like the movie. Comparing it to Aquaman and Shazam! they said, “It’s no where near as epic as Aquaman (which it shouldn’t be) and it’s not as funny and personable as Shazam. The only characters I really liked in it were Huntress and Black Mask.

They also recommended people wait for it on streaming and not pay full price “especially now that critics are giving it rave reviews.”

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You can read their full summary below.

Birds of Prey Summary from DCEUleaks

What do you make of this summary? Does it sway you either way on Birds of Prey?