According to a recent livestream hosted by Vic Mignogna, the voice actor has claimed to have spoken with multiple anime convention organizers who have informed him that their volunteer staff have threatened to quit if Mignogna were to be invited as a celebrity guest.

In his weekly livestream, hosted on the Unlocked app and reuploaded to Twitter courtesy of user Victor Vargas, Mignogna states that he has heard from various convention organizers that “some of their volunteers on staff are making threats, like they’re going to quit if they bring me to the show.”

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Mignogna explains:

“And you know what else has been going on? I’ve spoken to some convention organizers and they tell me that they would really love to have me, and that they know that there would be a lot of fans that would love to come, but guess what they’re telling me? Some of their volunteers on staff are making threats, like they’re going to quit if they bring me to the show. Can you believe that?”

Mignogna would also voice his belief that conventions were for “attendees who buy tickets and come to the events” rather than for staff, guests, or vendors:

“Conventions are not put on for the staff. I don’t know when everything turned upside down and voice actors actually thought that the conventions were about them. Because they’re not. And the conventions aren’t about the staff. Conventions aren’t for the vendors. The conventions are for the attendees who buy tickets and come to the event.”

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In response to the alleged protests, Mignogna concludes that anybody who would humor the “political statement of a couple of volunteers” did not “have the convention’s best interest in mind.”

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He stated:

“I can’t imagine that convention organizers would turn their back on four, or five, or six hundred attendees in order to humor the political statement of a couple of volunteers, because anybody who would do that doesn’t really have the convention’s best interests in mind.”

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