Google Trends charts show that interest in CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Picard plummeted following the show’s premiere episode.

Using the search term Star Trek Picard, you can see in the graphs below that interest in the show peaked on January 24, the day after the show initially premiered. The show premiered on January 23rd at 3:00 AM ET. Since then it has rapidly declined.

The first graph shows interest in Star Trek Picard over the past 30 days globally. As you can see it peaks on January 24th and then plummets.

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However, the Google Trends 30 day chart only goes up to January 29th. That means it excludes the premiere of Episode 2. Episode 2 aired on January 30th at 3:00 AM ET.

In order to compensate for this, I also looked at the 7 day chart, which includes both January 24th and January 31st, today’s date. As you can see below the debut of Star Trek: Picard’s second episode peaks at 62. That’s almost a 40 point drop from the premiere of the first episode.

Not only did I look at the global numbers, I also looked at how the show was trending in the United States, and while it does maintain a little bit more staying power, it still suffers a significant drop between the first episode and the second episode.

Below, you can see the 30 day chart in the United States. It peaks on January 23rd with the 24th coming in a close second. Like the global chart, it only shows data up to January 29th.

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So, like the global chart, I also looked at the past 7 days for Star Trek Picard in the United States. This excludes the 30 day peak of January 23rd. Thus the chart shows the 24th as the peak in the past 7 days. That means we aren’t actually seeing the show’s true peak in this 7 day chart.

Nevertheless, you can see that the second episode also has a significant decrease from the first episode. Star Trek Picard only hit an “88” on January 31st at 12:00 AM. By 8:00 AM this morning it was at 22.

What’s even more interesting is if you compare the show to Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian or Amazon Prime’s The Expanse in the United States.

The Mandalorian is actually outperforming Star Trek: Picard in a 30 day trend, and The Expanse is only slightly behind it. The Mandalorian’s final episode of Season 1 aired over a month ago on December 27th.

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The Expanse’s entire fourth season was dropped to Amazon Prime on December 13th, more than a month ago as well.

And just for my own curiosity, I also compared the show to Batwoman and Doctor Who in the United States.

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The Google Trends do note bode well for Star Trek: Picard.

What do you make of these Google Trends? What do you think about Star Trek: Picard?

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