Another series of alleged leaks about the Star Trek franchise reveal a bevy of information including two new shows, details about Star Trek: Picard Season 2, and some new information about the Section 31 show.

The leak was originally shared to 4Chan and then shared to Twitter via Angry Mr Flibble.

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New Shows To Be Announced This Summer

First up is news about a much talked about Discovery spin-off series centered around Anson Mount’s Captain Pike. According to the rumor, a show about Captain Pike will be announced this year at Comic-Con. There wasn’t really many details other than that it will be a serialized show like Discovery and Picard and see Pike “saving the universe from a different threat each season and Number One will get a lot more focus than before.”

The second show that will also be announced at San Diego Comic-Con according to this rumor will be titled Starfleet Academy.

The leak states, “Starfleet Academy is a drama about students aimed for late teens, young adults, and wine moms who want to still look like “quirky nerds.”

If there’s any truth to this description it has a very CW vibe to it. It sounds like Dawson’s Creek with phasers.

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More Details On Section 31

Following rumors that Section 31 is expected to film sometime this Spring, this new rumor explains that the show will focus on the Gorn, Orions, and capturing “Slaver Weapons.”

These two races are interesting to say the least. That’s because though they’ve been seen on-screen in many Trek shows, from TOS to Deep Space Nine, there really hasn’t been a lot of focus on their races. It could give this new crop of writes at CBS a lot of wiggle room to really expand and create some new cannon without having to worry about 40 years of TV and cinema.

Star Trek: Picard Season Two Rumors

This alleged leak also provides information on where CBS plans to take Star Trek: Picard in Season 2.

The leak explains:

“Picard season 2 focuses on Q Continuum. Janeway, Guinan, Q and Sisko are set to return.”

What’s interesting about the alleged leak is that it states “Avery Brooks is unconfirmed but if he won’t come back, they’ll get someone else to play him.”

The leak speculates, “Cirroc Lofton might because Sisko could easily have not aged while with the Prophets.”

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As reported by, Brooks stepped away from the limelight after starring as Sisko in Deep Space Nine. He focused on “raising his children and teaching at Rutgers University, where he’s a professor of theater at Mason Gross School of the Arts.” It’ll be interesting to see if they can get him to return or if they choose to go with Cirroc Lofton as the alleged leaker details.

Discovery Season 4

Finally, we have some interesting storyline rumors about Star Trek: Discovery. It seems that the focus of season four will be an old enemy, the Dominion.

According to the leak, “Discovery season 4 is being drafted Focuses on the Dominion who have come to the Alpha Quadrant by this point. Last standing empire in the galaxy (universe?).”

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You can see a screenshot of the full leaks below.

4chan trek leak 2

What do you make of these alleged leaks? Do you think they are valid? Would you want to see any of this?