More than two dozen new pieces of alleged concept art have leaked for Colin Trevorrow’s now scrapped Star Wars: Duel of the Fates film.

These 28 images come after  Trevorrow previously confirmed the initial Duel of the Fates concept art leak that consisted of 20 images.

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The images provide a clearer look at what Trevorrow had in mind for Duel of the Fates. And like the first leak the images come from Lucasfilm Executive Art Director Doug Chiang, Kev Jenkins, Ryan Church, and Christian Alzmann.

Without further ado here are the 28 images:

First up is a disguised BB-8 infiltrating a First Order shipyard on a Kuat moon.

We then get a shot of an orbital ring that brings ore to the Kuat shipyard.

Next up we see Stormtroopers patrolling a village on Kuat.

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We then get an action shot of Rey, Finn, and Poe being pursued by a number of Stormtroopers. They are allegedly trying to make their way to an Eclipse Star Destroyer.

That shot is followed by an explosion as the orbital ring surrounding Kuat is destroyed. Rey and company apparently steal an Eclipse Star Destroyer in order to escape.

The next image is reportedly from a second draft of the script. It depicts Kylo Ren on Moraband being treated by Wommels after a nearly dying.

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We get a solemn image of Leia at the Resistance base on Korilev.

Kylo does his best Darth Vader as he receives a new mask.

Another image reportedly from the second draft sees Rey on the ice planet of Wavett after Poe crash landed on the planet after being pursued by the Knights of Ren.

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Again from the second draft, the small group of Resistance fighters sit around a campfire on Wavett.

We get a gorgeous shot of the harbor at Bonadan.

Next are a number of Razer Sails docked at Bonadan.

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We get a pretty dope action shot as Chewbacca holds a member of the Knights of Ren over an edge threatening to drop him. You can see the Knights of Ren’s unique cleaver weapon falling to the ground.

We then get a shot of Kylo Ren approaching a Sith temple on the planet Remnicore.

Kylo is then seen navigating Remnicore alongside a droid.

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We then get a piece of art that shows him sucking the life force from a tree.

The next image shows off a new Resistance ship being pursued by a TIE fighter. It looks similar to a Clone transport, although it looks more like a light gun ship with a ramming device.

The next image sees Finn working in a work camp on Coruscant after he had been captured and enslaved.

We get a neat little chase scene as the Millennium Falcon an an X-wing fleed from a First Order TIE Fighter.

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The next image puts us in the middle of a firefight. You can see a soldier dead on the ground as C-3PO looks on in shock with R2-D2 next to him. BB-8 appears to be fleeing the scene.

We get another action shot as the citizens of Coruscant rise up and rebel against the occupying First Order Stormtroopers.

The next shot takes us back to Remnicore as Kylo Ren is shown inside a cave on the planet.

We get a beautiful shot of Rey looking across the countryside and up the mountain at the temple of Mortis.

Rey and Kylo Ren then face off in the temple of Mortis.

The next piece of concept art shows Yoda in what the uploader describes as the Astral Plane. Apparently Rey will ascend to this Astral Plane and meet with Yoda, Luke, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. While there Yoda tells her she embraced both the dark side and the light and found balance. She is then given the choice to stay in the Astral Plane or return to the living.

The next shot is Rey using the Force to free the Millennium Falcon from the ice.

BB-8 then sees Rey on a planet called Modesta.

The final shot is Rey arriving at a Jedi temple with plans to raise a new generation of Jedi.

What do you make of this new round of alleged Duel of the Fates concept art?