Margot Robbie Declares Oracle “Integral” to Birds Of Prey Despite Character Not Appearing in the Film

Actress Margot Robbie declared that the DC Comics character Oracle is “integral” to the Birds of Prey team despite the character not showing up in the upcoming Birds of Prey film.

Robbie appeared on Good Morning America with her costars Rosie Perez, Jurnee Smollet, and Ella Jay Basco, where she was asked by Good Morning America host Michael Strahan, “Is there a certain character you would like to bring in if we see a sequel?”

Robbie responded, “I’d love to see Poison Ivy on screen again. Yeah. I love her.”

She then added, “And of course if we are talking Birds of Prey, Oracle is a pretty integral…”

The Harley Quinn actress continued, “This film is like the formation of the Birds of Prey and she’s a key member as well. And I hope after this film they can shoot off in the universe. It would be cool. There are so many more female DC characters.”

Jurnee Smollett then added who she wants to see saying, “Bring them all. Lady Shiva. Catwoman. I mean we could have a good time.”

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For those unfamiliar with the Birds of Prey, the concept was created by DC Comics editor Jordan Gorfinkel with the Birds of Prey moniker being coined by Frank Pittarese. The book was assigned to writer Chuck Dixon, who eventually took it up, despite his initial refusal.

Dixon explained:

“The Birds of Prey comic was the brainchild of Jordan B. Gorfinkel who was an editor at DC who I worked with frequently…He came up with the idea that Black Canary and Oracle would make a great team and should have their own book.”

Dixon would team up with artist Gary Frank in the Black Canary/Oracle: Birds of Prey One-Shot and bring the Birds of Prey team to life with the only members being Black Canary and Oracle.

The book would see Oracle aka Barbara Gordon recruit Black Canary to help her investigate a terrorist attack against the Republic of Rheelasia.

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She also wanted Black Canary to investigate Nick Devine, a developer whose projects had run into a string of bad luck including chemical leaks, floods, and fires. They were also being targeted by an eco-terrorist group called the Green Brotherhood.

Needless to say Oracle is a founding member of the Birds of Prey, but for some reason will not be showing up in the Birds of Prey movie.

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Producer Sue Kroll suggested the reason Oracle would not be showing up in Birds of Prey is because there is a solo Batgirl film in development.

“You’ll not see Batgirl. Just gonna say ‘No.’ This is a studio question. That character’s in development on her own film, right?”

What do you make of the fact that Robbie deems Oracle “integral” to the Birds of Prey team, but the character won’t actually show up in the movie?

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