Birds of Prey is out this Friday which means we will finally know how closely the film reflects the past year’s worth of spoilers, including recent beginning-to-end Reddit leaks.

Margot Robbie confirmed a few details during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. For one, she verifies Harley breaks up with Joker which is beyond dispute at this point.

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After that, she confirms something we get glimpses of in the trailer. We also read about it in the Reddit spoilers then shared the details with our readers at the end of January and before then.

Harley does some crazy things to cope with her breakup and being thrown out, Robbie said. She cuts her hair, buys a hyena, and blows up Ace Chemical, Robbie admitted with a laugh.

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According to a summary by Redditor AlphaFoxrun, Harley steals a tanker truck during a bender and blows up the chemical plant. This stunt gets the attention of Renee Montoya and the main characters who band together.

It also doesn’t sit well with Black Mask who has issues with Quinn over the slaying of his driver. The torture-friendly Mask shows her clemency, though, and offers her the job, says the spoiler summary.

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The interview steered in the direction of Robbie’s anecdotes about Meryl Streep and her hobby of amateur tattooing. She “retired” after almost ruining a friend’s wedding and feeling the heat from that person’s mother.

Robbie and Fallon also tried pints of BOP-themed banana cream pudding from New York-based Magnolia Bakery.

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Early reviews are in. The BOP has a cumulative 3.3 rating on Letterboxd as of Jan. 27 which is fair to moderate. Robbie is pleased with the feedback she is getting.

Sadly, the film – which she co-produced – may be headed for disaster at the box office this weekend. Ticket sales in major cities across America and into Mexico are slow and looking dire. Plenty of seats are still available in a swath of theaters.

Cosmic Book News and others checked availability on Atom Tickets and Fandango, then posted their findings on social media. It’s a bad sign.

Let us know if you plan to see Birds of Prey in theaters Friday or over the weekend.

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