YouTuber SC Reviews Obliterates Decider Writer Anna Menta After Slamming Alita: Battle Angel for Looking Like A Woman And Blaming Straight Men

YouTuber SC Reviews obliterated Decider writer Anna Menta after she slammed Alita: Battle Angel for looking like a woman and blamed straight men.

In his latest video, SC Reviews begins by completely dismissing Menta’s argument saying, “The hate for this film has not stopped. Ever since the film came out. There has been hate articles from SJWs out there who can’t stand the fact that men like this character. And they are jealous of Alita’s body. That’s what it comes down to. They are jealous because they don’t have a body like that.”

He even adds, “It’s garbage, this article, but let’s talk about it.”

He then dives into the article that takes issue with the fact that in Alita: Battle Angel, Alita, played by Rosa Salazar, acquires a new body and imagines herself older and more mature than the original body that Dr. Dyson Ido, played by Christoph Waltz, provides for her.

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For those who haven’t seen the film, Alita is a cyborg warrior who does not recall her past. She is discovered by Ido in a junk pile who provides her with a new body that was originally created for his daughter. However, Alita discovers a Berserk battle suit in an abandoned Martian spacecraft. Ido eventually puts Alita in the Berserker boy, whereupon the suit adapts to her subconscious image of herself.

Ido states, “The shell is reconfiguring to her subconscious image of herself. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s making micro adjustments throughout every system.” After the suit adapts to Alita’s subconscious, Ido’s assistant, played by Idara Victor, says, “Looks like she’s a little older than you thought.”

Anna Menta takes issue with this transformation writing, “Director Robert Rodriguez and producer/co-writer James Cameron—who adapted the film from Yukito Kishiro’s Japanese manga with writer Laeta Kalogridis—are hardly the first offenders in the “robots have big boobies” phenomenon.”

SC Reviews comments, “Oh my god! See how juvenile this is?”

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Menta then describes Alita’s adaptation to the Berserker Body, “Listen, I’m not saying the entire movie is garbage, but this moment is, objectively, ridiculous.”

In order to justify the transformation, Menta describes four reasons. The first is, “Alita still has the mind of a human woman, and probably wants to look like one.”

SC Reviews comments, “Yup. That’s the answer. Case closed. Right? Case closed. No need for all of these snarky remarks and trying to trash the film. And trying to trash Alita the character because she’s jealous. That’s all the rest of the article is. That is your answer right there. Alita still has the mind of a woman and probably still wants to look like one.”

Interestingly enough Menta writes, “I have to admit that’s a good and logical reason.” However, she takes issue with Alita’s eyes remaining enlarged, “But it fails to explain why she decided to hang onto her giant, alarming bug eyes.”

SC Reviews comments, “Because it’s an homage to the anime, you idiot. Are you this stupid? How could this person get to write an article for a news website when they are this stupid? Or is it  because they aren’t actually stupid; it’s because they are jealous. They don’t like the fact that men like this character, and this character is in shape. Like I said the eyes are an homage to the anime. So that’s the question answered isn’t it? It’s pretty simple.”

Nevertheless Menta writes, “Perhaps she also sees herself as a giant bug? Also, hate to break to you, girl, but most human women don’t look like Barbie dolls.”

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SC Reviews responds, “Again that the proves the point I was making that she is jealous. Like lots of these other women are. Seems to be women for some reason who are fascinated with her body and criticizing it who you would think going by what they preach they would be the last ones to body shame anyone.”

He continued, “But they are body shaming this character for what reason? Because they are jealous. They wish they had a body like that. They want to be in shape and this character is in shape. Tear the character down. That’s what it is. They can’t stand the fact that people like this character because it goes against their narrative that men don’t like strong female characters. That’s why they try to tear the character down.”

After providing the other three nonsensical reasons, Menta then takes issue with straight men.

“Breasts on cyborgs, androids, and robots have long been a convention of the sci-fi genre, and the real reason for this, of course, is because nine times out of ten it’s straight men designing the robots. Straight men love to see mechanical boobies!”

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SC Reviews concludes, “I think it’s just proven that the person who wrote this is an idiot or they are just extremely jealous of this character. And that’s pretty much it. Their snarky comments throughout this whole piece confirm that to me.”

What do you make of SC Reviews’ response to Anna Menta and Decider?

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