Rumor has it The CW is thinking further ahead to their next big crossover – as in beyond the interpretation of 52 we told you about. And, what’s more, this next idea would give the Green Lantern something to do in the Arrowverse.

Blackest Night, speculatively, is on the agenda for an event in an upcoming season though not right away. This was shared as a “scoop” by Mikey Sutton to a Facebook group he administrates.

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According to Sutton, “‘The Blackest Night’ story arc is being discussed for a potential crossover” but more than likely is not “the DC CW crossover” they have in mind “for next season as they really want something Lex Luthor-centric.”


52, the Infinite Crisis tie-in which filled in a lot of the gaps left over by that limited series, will fill the Luthor void. According to previous rumors, The CW and Greg Berlanti plan to focus on the “Everyman Project” aspect of 52 where Lex gives normal people superpowers, similar to what Marvel did in The Superior Iron Man.

Starting in Supergirl, 52 will probably reference something Lena Luthor began working on this season.

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“Tweaked,” says Sutton, Blackest Night “will involve the John ‘Diggle’ Stewart Green Lantern” whom we saw finally get his ring in Arrow’s series finale, ostensibly, after all the allusions for a few years of him having one on another Earth.

Interestingly, Sutton emphasizes Superman is the one who goes from the “brightest day to ‘Blackest Night.'” The crossover will “possibly” spring off from the new Superman & Lois series. Sutton doesn’t mention it by name.

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Blackest Night was a 2009-10 Green Lantern storyline and crossover event written by Geoff Johns. Nekron, DC’s personification of Death, had a plan to reanimate dead heroes and villains to secretly fill the world with sleeper agents for his Black Lantern Corps. His goal was to purge all of existence of emotion and life.

The story is considered one of the finest Green Lantern stories ever written and had effects that reverberate in the pages of DC Comics today.

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