So far, the appearance of Cheetah in Wonder Woman 1984 allowed by Warner Bros. for public consumption is the spunky and stylish revamp on the character poster released back in December.

We figure she experiences some kind of additional transformation that corresponds to her looking more like a Cheetah and that seems to be the case. New promo artwork hitting the web shows what Kristen Wiig might look like when her character goes into beast mode and fights Diana.

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Feast your eyes on the art below:

The picture is making the rounds online but is unsolicited by WB who are pulling it left and right. It supposedly comes from a notebook cover that’s part of a line of merchandise only available in Brazil.

Kristen Wiig’s leather leopard-print look was spoiled by a mug at Comic Con Experience which took place down there last December and was host to Wonder Woman 1984’s trailer premiere.

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An official poster featuring Wiig in costume confirmed that leak so we have a reasonable expectation this is how Cheetah will look in the end.

Fans are reacting en masse to it. Have a glimpse at some of the feedback still posted:

Some compare Wiig to a Thundercats character, kindling hope the design means there is a chance for a movie in that franchise:

Wiig plays Barbara Minerva, the archaeologist who became the feral feline in the comics. In WW84, she wishes upon a stone to become strong and powerful like her new friend and idol, Diana, an origin that’s slightly different.

A purported full Reddit spoiler of the movie asserted Minerva makes one more wish to Max Lord that changes her into something more catlike. It also described her spots and “running mascara” facial stripes.

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Wonder Woman 1984 releases in June but Warner probably won’t sleep on sharing Cheetah’s final form that long.

Tell us your reaction to the artwork and Cheetah’s look below.

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