We reported alleged spoilers for Birds of Prey – more than once – and we documented some for Joker too. Now it’s Wonder Woman 1984’s turn yet again to have its entire plot exposed, quite possibly.

The authenticity of the following spoilers is up for debate as WW84 is not out yet and they come from Reddit. In particular, the details were posted to DCEUleaks, a page notorious for sharing unverified things, which the next several revelations are.

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So take them with a fair grain of salt. Regardless, hold onto your butts and read on unless you would rather wait for June. In that case, leave this page now or cover your eyes. Everyone else, scroll on.

According to the Reddit thread, Wonder Woman ’84 begins with a flashback and narration before the opening titles. Gal Gadot narrates about home while her younger self at the age of 8 or 9 takes part in the Olympic race we glimpsed in the trailer. She has to dive, ride a horse, and shoot an arrow at a target. This drops a blue drape signaling she “is in the lead.”

Queen Hippolyta and Antiope, alive, watch the proceedings. Antiope has to intervene and chastises little Diana for cheating. Here’s what happens:

“Diana still leading, until she takes her eyes off the path and is knocked off her horse by a branch. The horse scurries away and the other Amazons pass her. Diana spots a gulley and slides down it, saving time, finding her horse, and regaining the lead. She leads the racers back into the arena. The last stage is to grab a spear and toss it through a giant ring. Diana grabs it and is moments from victory…

But Antiope grabs the spear out of her hands and Diana loses. She complains, saying it’s not fair and she should have won. Antiope knows she cheated, taking the other path. There’s a lesson here about patience and not taking the easy way out.”

Either it cuts or fades to the title card, the simplified initialization WW84. Less is more.

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Fast forward to 1980s Washington, DC. The time frame is undeniable; the writer compares it to 2015 in Back to the Future II. “Everything is big and broad and a joke. All kinds of gags happen” in a montage where an unseen Diana saves an old lady from an oncoming car.

Then it’s to the mall where Diana foils a robbery. Some guys “enter a store and pull a gun,” wanting fancy artifacts hidden in the back. When they leave, one trips and loses his gun like he’s Arthur Fleck and it’s part of his act. Cops are on the scene, he takes a little girl hostage – “won’t go back to jail.”

Wonder Woman

Diana is more myth than legend to most people. A mother explains to her daughter Wonder Woman isn’t real. Of course, she “shows up, saves the girl, and takes out the goons.” She also takes out the security cameras (probably by boomeranging her tiara like in the trailer) to preserve her identity. (Wouldn’t they have the footage anyway?)

The thread’s author doesn’t sound like a fan of this sequence either. “This is basically all the movie does to respect ‘Walking away for 100 years’ after Steve Trevor’s death,” they wrote.

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We’re introduced to Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig), who is described as nerdy like Michelle Pfeiffer early in Batman Returns which may also apply to Jamie Foxx in Amazing Spider-Man 2. Barbara meets Diana, the only one who notices her:

“She works at the Smithsonian and drops her things. Nobody cares to help. Nobody notices her. Except Diana, who also works there, and helps her. Barbara’s taken by somebody in her life helping her and asks if they should get coffee later. (Diana declines, but maybe someday)”

Somebody who forgot she exists asks for Barbara:

“A woman asks if anybody knows who Barbara Minerva is. ‘Yes… that’s me. You hired me. You really don’t remember?’ Turns out the feds want to know about the artifacts from the store in the mall and it’s her specialty.”

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An artifact she examines is a stone. A guy casually wishes for coffee and an intern shows up with some. Nobody thinks anything of it. Diana contemplates a wish and you know what happens. At her home are mementos of Steve such as his watch. It “suddenly springs to life.”

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Barbara and Diana are out to lunch where Barbara asks the “Have you been in love?” question. Diana explains he was a dead pilot. Barbara gives her “dozens of times” answer.

On her way home, Barbara gives money to a homeless man and is saved from an assailant by Diana who tries to explain away her strength. It’s after this Barbara wishes for powers.

“The next day, Barbara takes the stone and returns to the thought of wishes. She wants to be strong and sexy. Desired. She wishes to be ‘Just like Diana.’ When she walks out of her office, she nearly trips and ends up jumping and balancing herself on some chairs.”

Enter Max Lord (Pedro Pascal). He hits on Barbara and invites her and Diana to celebrate his donation to the museum (no doubt the party in the trailer). Lord is a wealthy oil tycoon with mounting debts. “He’s broke – multiple letters saying bills are past due. All of his oil deals have gone poorly.”

He has a son named Alistair, 8, he shares custody of. Obviously, Lord is divorced. Worse, he has an investor, Stagg (as in Simon?) that “wants out.” “Max’s scheme involved getting partners to buy oil rights in the United States and Canada,” the rest reads. “Max better come up with his money, and fast.”

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Party time: Barbara is all done up and sexified. Max takes the opportunity to seduce her and steal the magic stone (somehow he knows its power).

Diana is at the party too and a guy calls after her. Not recognizing him, she rebuffs him. It’s Steve in another body – “think Quantum Leap.” He gets Diana’s attention with a few lines from the last movie and sways her that he’s the real deal. They stroll and Steve explains his experience:

“He says he remembers being on the plane, then he just woke up in a bed. He knows there was something in between, something quite good, but he can’t remember what it was. He takes her to his/the guy he’s inhabiting’s apartment. Cute 80s jokes ensue (bikes are weird now, phone books will never be obsolete, etc.) and Steve checks out his new body in the mirror. It’ll do.”

The next day:

“Steve and Diana wake up next to each other in bed. He suggests never leaving. She’s agreeable to that, but “I think it’s a good idea to find out why a magic rock brought my boyfriend back from the dead.” Yeah, he gets that. We kick into a pretty great sequence where Steve tries to find the best modern day clothes and Diana hates all of his choices. But he ends up with a fanny pack.”

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Repost from @gal_gadot: We did it. Again!! And as much as the first time shooting Wonder Woman was amazing, this time was even more unique and special.. We shot in 4 very different locations in 3 countries, and I'm so soooo proud of the almost 1000 crew members who came to set every day, giving everything they have into our movie. Couldn't ask for better partners on this.. I'm so lucky to have the one and only Patty Jenkins, as my director. She always has our backs, she gives us the wings to dare, and everyday she helped us find the most creative version of ourselves .. I am so grateful to call her my friend. And to our AMAZINGly talented cast who made every day enjoyable and fun, thank you! Honestly.. Words cannot describe this experience.. This journey was so demanding and challenging but we all came and did our very best every take, every day, putting our all out there and I’m so proud… Thank you universe for this opportunity. I love this character. And thank you to all of you for being the best fans in the world. It was you that made me push myself every day. I'm so happy and excited, can't wait to share it with you in 2020! ❤️ Gal

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Meanwhile, back at the Smithsonian, the stone is missing. Barbara cops to “letting Max have it.” Diana gets her first gander at “Barbara’s look and attitude.” By this point, Lord has wished to become one with the stone, inheriting its power.

Max henceforth goes to Stagg Industries to apologize and get Stagg to wish for things to turn around which he does and Max grants. He also vows to crush Stagg and Stagg is then arrested for tax crimes. “All of the oil fields struck it rich” in the meantime but Max’s secretary needs extra hands to handle calls. Wishing for that, more people show up and “Max hires them on the spot.”

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More sight gags and Steve and Diana investigate Lord’s office while a crowd of potential hires is gathered out front. They head down an alley, break a “strong lock,” and head through a gate. In Max’s empty office, they find his bills and the shattered base of the stone. Diana recognizes the power and danger of the stone. Gods routinely infused objects with great power. Bad gods meant bad objects.

They head to Cairo to go after Lord. Steve learns about modern planes but he wants to fly one so they hop in a jet, stealing it. Soldiers pursue, Steve can’t lose them because, well, radar so Diana pulls a trick. She uses her powers to cloak the jet – as Themyscira is cloaked from the world – and we have instant invisible jet. (Yup, they do it! I mean the invisible plane.) As in the trailer, they fly through fireworks.

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Barbara vengefully beats up her attacker from before while Steve and Diana make their way to Egypt. Max meets with an Egyptian leader and grants his wish that all his enemies leave his land. A wall goes up and new artifacts appear. The unnamed leader consolidates his power. Max wants oil but leaves with an honor guard instead.

Diana and Steve chase Lord in his convoy, dodging heavy artillery. She learns she can be hurt and that Lord is bonded with the stone. Some kids are playing in the street; Diana saves them but her Lasso slips from her hands and she can’t explain why she’s weak.

Barbara’s been doing research and tells Diana the stone has been around for eons and maybe tied to the collapses of Rome and the Mayans. Their only lead and hope is a “weirdo fortune teller” Diana agrees to meet. His “ancestors were Mayan” and he spells out how wishes work. Diana’s losing her powers as a price. She’d get them back if she recanted or killed Max, but Steve would disappear.

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Barbara doesn’t want to lose her powers. Diana has to stop Max and pulls her gold armor out of a secret room (she had it the whole time, apparently). Steve holds the Lasso of Truth and it shows him the armor’s history. It’s made of ” bits of her sisters’” (them or their armor?). An Amazon ancestor fought in it and no man could pierce it.

Back at home, Max’s ” body is deteriorating” from all the wishes. His son inadvertently makes one and it gives Max more energy. He wants to meet the President and gets a meeting:

“President…wants more nukes and weapons to fight Russia. Max grants the wish, and in return wants the President’s power. Coincidentally, Max sees designs for something – a system to take over any television broadcast in the world. There’s some jumble here about the particles literally touching people, and Max believes he can use this to grant wishes for (and take things from) a massive amount of people at once.”

There, “Diana and Steve confront Max” and the fight in the White House ensues. Barbara throws Diana across a room to protect Max because she’s strong like Diana. Barbara beats “her within an inch of consciousness” and leaves with Max.

Steve helps Diana walk and begs her to recant her wish. She refuses, thinking of herself for a change but realizes it must be done.

“She tells Steve she’ll never love again, but he tells her in no way does he want that – there are so many people out there and she shouldn’t be alone. Maybe the guy whose body he’s in is nice! She kisses him, a long, deep goodbye kiss…”

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Diana realizes she can fly and does so in a single take. Up in the sky, she lassoes a 737 and dismantles a nuke launched by Russia. Cold War tensions have literally rocketed since Egypt.

Lord prepares for a broadcast (more shots from the trailer should be expected here). Everyone around the world sees him urge folks to wish their deepest desire. People go nuts and drop dead, wishing bad on one another. Diana gets her armor.

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Max “steals health and rejuvenates himself. His son Alistair watches from his office building in DC, terrified as rioters threaten to bust down the door.”

Diana flies in with help from her armor’s wings but is intercepted by Cheetah. Barbara mutated and she now has fur, claws, a tail, and black and white streaks that bleed like mascara. They fight. Cheetah rips off pieces of the armor and the wings. They fall into water after dislodging wires while fighting. Barbara won’t recant her wish so Diana lets her get electrocuted.

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Diana enters the broadcast station and he can repel her with his godlike power. Max keeps asking for wishes because he always wants more – can’t stop, “always more.” He taunts her about Steve. She won’t pay the price to have him back and then monologues about recanting wishes. This was directed at viewers and the Lasso was tied around Max’s ankle the whole time.

Danger reaches Max’s son Alistair and he undoes his wish to be the stone out of desperation. Alistair wished to find his dad and Max flies to him with a contrite heart in a helicopter.

Jump to Christmastime: the chaos is over and people are kind. Diana walks around a plaza. There are snow and decorations everywhere. She encounters the stranger Steve inhabited and they exchange pleasantries. One last voiceover – Diana goes on about her faith in humanity – the usual hero moral thing. An alarm sounds and she flies off into the distance.

The End.

Below is the full Reddit post:

WW84: Entire Plot Synopsis from DCEUleaks

Again, Reddit’s synopsis is unverified but it is consistent with previous spoilers. Steve comes back in a Quantum Leap scenario, Diana loses some power, Maxwell Lord is a walking Game Genie, there is a cursed wishing stone, and Barbara’s origin is greatly revised.

The new “revelations” are Max fathering a son and the existence of Stagg and Stagg Industries in the DC Extended Universe. A door opens for Metamorpho to enter the picture someday if Warner Bros. holds the line with their film continuity in the coming years.

But nothing is confirmed until Wonder Woman 1984 makes it to theaters this summer.

Did you read all that? If so, give us your thoughts on WW84 below.

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