Pedro Pascal stars in the Star Wars spinoff series The Mandalorian and has Wonder Woman 1984 to look forward to in the coming year. He’s had an exciting year and as his star rises, more about him – like his personal opinions and beliefs – will go public.

Case in point, in mid-2019 he got political and expressed his support for the Scandinavian style of governance he considered “socialism” done right.

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It all started when a fan posted a selfie of the actor on Twitter and tagged his account. She wrote that she hoped Pascal “has a good day and everyone else can piss off.”

This attracted negative comments from a user who responded, for whatever reason, Pascal “would have a good day if everyone pissed on him.” The user added a middle-finger emoji and a hand pointing to the word “socialism.”

This is where Pedro Pascal jumped into the thread, tweeting simply “SOCIALISMMMMM” followed by three zombie emojis.

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The account Pascal replied to answered back with pictures from the ground of what is happening in Venezuela.

Pascal responded one more time, saying the crisis in Venezuela – as depicted in “those pictures” – is the result of what he calls “the traumatic effects of corruption and deceit. Not socialism.” Attaching a photo of the Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian flags blowing in the wind, he added: “This is socialism.”

One reply pointed out, in reality, the governments of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland are mixed economies with somewhat free markets. The user who first replied shared a photo of a Forbes article contradicting Bernie Sanders’s likewise claims about the Scandinavian system.

Back in 2016, Pascal described his political beliefs as “very, very liberal.” Pascal appeared on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show saying:

“I’m from Chile. I am a child of socialist political refugees. We are very, very liberal and I can’t seem to shake the feeling amongst the DEAΒ  because, I mean, I don’t wanna accuse them of being conservative but…”

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Actor, director, singer and vocal Trump supporter Robert Davi tweeted thoughts this month on Swedish “social policies.”

Social policies and migrants are serious issues in Sweden and the country has seen a rise recently in explosions within its cities.

Over in South America, instability has spread beyond Venezuela. Protests are going on in countries across the continent, including in Pedro Pascal’s native Chile.

Regardless, all things considered, Pascal conducted himself with more decorum than most do when caught up in political discourse on social media.

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The Mandalorian is streaming now on Disney Plus. Wonder Woman 1984 is out in June.

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