A new rumor details the release date for the rumored Star Wars Rebels sequel series.

YouTuber Noah Outlaw revealed on Twitter that the Star Wars Rebels sequel series will be premiering sometime in November.

Rumor: Disney and Lucasfilm Developing Sequel to Star Wars Rebels Starring Ahsoka Tano

Outlaw and his co-host Corey on the Channel Kessel Run Transmissions YouTube channel originally revealed a Star Wars Rebels sequel series was in development back in January.

In their initial report, the series was expected to star Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren.

However, a subsequent rumor showed up on the StarWarsLeaks subreddit from user TheThrowAwayEwok.

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That rumor detailed the focus of the first season of this sequel series would be Ezra Bridger and Grand Admiral Thrawn. The two would find themselves in the Unknown Regions primarily based off the Chiss home world Csilla. While there, Bridger and Thrawn become unlikely allies as they find themselves caught up in the middle of a war between the Chiss Ascendancy and the Grysk.

While the show according to this rumor would predominantly focus on Bridger and Thrawn, it would set up Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren’s mission to figure out just where Bridger disappeared following the events of Star Wars Rebels.

The sequel series is also expected to introduce some new characters. Thrawn’s niece is expected to play a key role as she is Force sensitive and acts as a navigator in the Unknown Regions for the Chiss navy.

It is also expected to introduce the last living member of the Rakata empire. The character is described as “a powerful force sensitive warrior was was once a cruel tyrant, when the Rakata empire was at it’s height.”

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