Birds Of Prey Fans Accuse Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Of Homophobia

Birds of Prey fans, upset with the movie’s poor opening weekend, have begun a trolling campaign against the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog movie in the hopes of diverting some of those viewers to watch the Suicide Squad spin-off.

The tactic used by these Birds of Prey fans was to tweet false accusations that the Sonic movie was offensive or extremely disappointing.

Despite Sonic the Hedgehog not arriving in theaters until February 14th, numerous users claimed to have seen the film and that their families had a much better time seeing Birds of Prey, recommending that audiences go see that film instead and using the official hashtags for both movies.

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Many of these troll tweets, with some tweets being copy-and-pasted between various users, claimed that the film used “homophobic slurs” and was “dull, boring, and lifeless.”

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YouTuber The Quartering documented a number of other examples.

In one particularly extreme tweet, a user stated that they had been the “victim of a horrible hate crime” during her viewing of Sonic the Hedgehog:

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Some Birds of Prey fans have since attempted to claim that their tweets were simply jokes, alluding to the over-the-top nature of their content.

However, these claims become dubious under Poe’s Law: “Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humour, it is impossible to create a parody of fundamentalism that someone won’t mistake for the real thing.”

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