A new character and new cast members are being added to Doom Patrol Season 2. The character will have a connection to Vic “Cyborg” Stone (Joivan Wade) and has been cast along with Chief Niles Caulder’s daughter Dorothy.

Deadline reports Karen Obilom, an actress known for BET’s Games People Play and NCIS: New Orleans, will play Roni Evers – a “military veteran with a mysterious past” that meets Vic in a PTSD support group.

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Roni Evers sounds like a gender swap of Ron Evers, a friend to Victor Stone who first appeared in the pages of New Teen Titans during the early 80s. Caught up in a life of crime, Evers tried to blow up STAR Labs and fell to his death.

He later was turned into a cyborg by STAR and loaned out to the military as their property. An enemy of the Titans, Evers eventually became a minister of the cultish First Church of Anti-Technocracy, rejecting and castigating all technology and advancement.

Plans for the now female Roni Evers are uncertain but it’s implied she may be deeply connected to members of the Doom Patrol.

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They’ve also cast the Chief’s daughter Dorothy whom we were introduced to at the end of last season and played a role in defeating Mr. Nobody. Newcomer Abigail Shapiro is playing the 11-year-old whose imagined creations come to destructive life, says TVLine.

Known mostly for theater, Doom Patrol is Shapiro’s biggest role to date. It isn’t clear if she will wear prosthetic makeup or if Dorothy’s features will be digitally rendered.

As her description reads, Dorothy was hidden all these years. Now that she’s out in the open Niles will go even further to protect her, as well as everyone else from what she can do:

“Niles loves her very much and has gone through great sacrifice to protect her, and the world, from her special abilities. Now that she is no longer hidden, Niles will go to even greater lengths to protect her.”

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Season 2 of Doom Patrol doesn’t have a premiere date yet but when it lands, it will stream on DC Universe and HBO Max which launches in May.

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