A new rumor details that HBO Max has its first feature film based on a DC Comic set and it is a Golden Age but obscure pair that could be another gamble for Warner Bros.

FandomWire reports Warner Bros. fledgling streaming service HBO Max is putting an original movie centering on Rose & Thorn into production.

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Teenager Rose Canton returns to high school following a stay in an institutional facility brought on by her father’s death. Worse yet, Rose has a split personality fittingly named Thorn whose mission it is to find the killers of Rose’s dad and bring them down.

Rose wants to fit in and be a normal high-school student but Thorn is ever ready to lash out violently to complete her mission of revenge. As FandomWire put it:

“While Thorn lashes out with violence and aggressively pursues revenge against her wrongdoers, Rose desperately wants to blend in and experience the normal pitfalls of high school life.”

The site notes as well Rose & Thorn aren’t very well known but DC and Warner have taken the initiative to give esoteric characters “a chance to shine in the spotlight.”

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Rose and her other half Thorn date back to the late 1940s and the Jay Garrick era of Flash comics where she was the ring leader of a gang the speedster faced. Her powers – chloro-kinesis, enhanced speed, and toxicology – came from a sap that caused Rose’s repressed Thorn personality to surface and kill.

They were created by Josh Broome and Carmine Infantino but FandomWire says the film will follow the New 52 version written by Tom Taylor that mirrors the plot synopsis.

Other DC offerings coming to HBO Max are an Aquaman animated miniseries, Strange Adventures, Green Lantern, and a rumored Legion of Superheroes adaptation. CW and Arrowverse magnate Greg Berlanti is fronting a great deal of those.

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With a film division solely serving HBO Max starting up, it will be interesting to see what other projects make it into development.

HBO Max begins streaming content in May.

Will you sign up for HBO Max or watch Rose & Thorn? Is it what you expected to come from the service? Leave thoughts below.

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