Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk writer Dana Schwartz took to Twitter to criticize Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s South Park claiming “it seems impossible to overstate the cultural damage done by South Park.”

Schwartz wrote, “In retrospect, it seems impossible to overstate the cultural damage done by SOUTH PARK, the show that portrayed earnestness as the only sin and taught that mockery is the ultimate inoculation against all criticism.”

In subsequent tweets, Schwartz added, “Smugness is not the same as intelligence; provocation isn’t the same as bravery. The lesser of two evils aren’t the same.”

She then claims that South Park is trying to reckon with her criticisms.

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After criticizing the show, Schwartz revealed her main complaint was actually with fans of the show specifically the “boys” who watched it. She wrote, “to be clear, I don’t blame the show itself as much as I do the generation of boys who internalized it into their personalities. Which maybe isn’t the show’s fault!”

She elaborated writing, “My point was that South Park seemed to teach that it was cooler to be reactionary and contrarian, and anyone who criticizes anything is “offended” and that’s the *real* problem. Wonder if that’s the message these fans absorbed….”

She then took issue with the show for it’s no holds bar approach to criticism. Schwartz writes, “People saying “they make fun of everyone!!!” — that is my point. South Park IS a political show, but one whose message is: both sides are equally terrible so the only correct thing to do is nothing, while mocking it all from your position of intellectual superiority.”

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In separate threads on Twitter, she would target South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker based on their wealth and skin color,  “Matt and Trey are rich white guys and they convinced a generation of scared, vulnerable young men that irony will never hurt them.”

Schwartz would continue to attack Parker and Stone with her main point being about their wealth.

She wrote, “You’re right. They mock anyone who cares about ANYTHING. And they present “mockery” as a worthwhile an ideological position when it’s really only stasis. Perfect for two rich white guys.”

She then takes issue with the fact that South Park is a comedy instead of fixing the United States political system.

Schwartz writes, “Nope, the two part system IS a mess. But instead of proposing real solutions or putting in the work to make things better, SOUTH PARK decided the answer was making fun of anyone trying.”

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She continues writing, “Not many cartoon comedies are as explicitly political as South Park, nor have they been as influential in shaping young viewer’s ideologies.”

Schwartz adds, “In that sense, I would argue that South Park actually DOES offer a solution, but their solution is just laughing at everything.”

Schwartz then claims the problem with laughing at everything is that it “is a privilege of people who have never faced systemic discrimination.”

Scwhartz writes, “Not taking anything too seriously is a privilege of people who have never faced systemic discrimination. Ironically, dismissing genuine issues as “people being offended” is pretty cowardly.”

Interestingly enough, Schwartz didn’t apply her own criticism to herself as she mocked those who criticized her take on South Park.

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These tweets do not bode well at all for Marvel Studios upcoming She-Hulk series. Schwartz makes it very clear in her criticism of South Park that shows should be solving real or at the very least perceived real world problems rather than being entertainment or escapism.

She also seems to have major issues with men, and specifically white men, as she makes sure to include that multiple times in her criticism of South Park.

Not only that, but over the past couple of years, she’s also expressed that she has an issue with men in other tweets.

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She’s also seems to have odd opinions about conservative men.

What do you make of She-Hulk writer Dana Schwartz’s criticism of South Park? Does it make any sense? Do you think this bodes ill for the upcoming She-Hulk series?