Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld revealed a first look at his upcoming new miniseries Snake Eyes: Deadgame.

Liefeld will write and illustrate the series.

He spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the new series comparing it to Mission: Impossible, “I approached it as this gigantic Mission: Impossible that he has been dispatched on. As the layers get peeled away, it makes the threat more enormous.”

Liefeld continued, “Your character is always best when he is in completely over his head, and Snake Eyes finds out in the middle issue one just how in over his head he is.”

He provided further details when speaking with

“So last year, as Major X was coming out, I was locking up my deal to do this. I proposed a storyline to IDW and Hasbro. Snake Eyes was the focus, and I’m going to tell you, man, this series has some crazy mythological, mystical — some really big concepts. And they let me. Like, ‘approve, approve, approve.’ So it’s been very exciting putting the characters through their paces.”

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He then reiterated the Mission: Impossible comparison:

“I’m approaching Snake Eyes as kind of a giant Mission: Impossible scenario. By the middle of the issue, he realizes he is in way over his head, and that’s where any character is always at his best — when he realizes the scale of what he’s up against.”

And Liefeld doesn’t plan on rehashing old Joe storylines. He revealed Snake Eyes is up against some brand new villains.

“The story is pretty crazy. I think by #2, you will see exactly what I mean in terms of like working with some crazy stuff here. G.I. Joe vs. Cobra? been there, done that. That’s not my story. My story has brand new villains and obstacles for Snake Eyes and the Joes to overcome, and Snake Eyes is put in some crazy missions, has to make some crazy decisions. It’s really fun.”

IDW described the miniseries in a press release:

“Snake Eyes has long been the most mysterious member of the G.I. JOE team, but within the pages of DEADGAME, he’ll finally be forced to play his hand! How long can he keep his past classified… and what deadly secrets will come back to haunt him?”

Liefeld shared his love for the franchise and even detailed that Snake Eyes “was a profound influence on my creating Deadpool.”

“G.I. JOE was my first obsession. Those were the toys in the sandbox with me, kung fu grip, eagle eye, I had them all. G.I. JOE is a world of characters that I have always aspired to participate in. Snake Eyes was a profound influence on my creating Deadpool. Producing this series is an all-time bucket list achievement for me.”

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He also compared the feeling of drawing Snake Eyes to Captain America and described it as “legend.”

“When I was drawing Captain America #1 and Avengers #1 in 1996, I was talking with Dan Jurgens of Superman fame. He had been a decade on that book, and he had just done the Marvel Versus DC miniseries. And he said, ‘Hey, Rob, how are you enjoying Captain America?’ And I said, ‘I’m having a blast.’ He says, ‘Isn’t he just an amazing icon? When you draw him on the page, don’t you just feel it?’…It’s a weird artist thing; we get it. And Snake Eyes, drawing him, you go, ‘This is badass. This is the legend. This is Snake Eyes.'”

He went to explain that the series will feature a more realistic portrayal of violence, and noted that IDW and Hasbro have not asked him to censor anything.

“There is red blood on pages. I mean, he’s a ninja with swords, and they’re not asking me to censor anything. IDW and Hasbro have been fantastic. And again, if I’m not clear, this is bucket list 1-0-1 for me. when you hit 50, and you realize that most of your life is probably behind you, as an artist, you go, ‘I just want to kind of pick and choose my catalog of what I do next. I want to make sure it’s stuff that I really have fun with, I adore.'”

Liefeld expressed his passion for the series on Twitter.

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In one tweet he wrote, “You guys who have been missing me on Deadpool, join me in June on Snake Eyes!!”

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IDW Editor-in-Chief John Barber is excited about the new series and Liefeld coming on board.

“I’ve seen Rob’s excitement about G.I. JOE for years. I’m thrilled and amazed to see it all finally coming together in the biggest SNAKE EYES comic book in decades — maybe ever! There’s a real electric charge in the air every day as new pages come in — every one seemingly topping the last!”

The series will arrive in stores sometime in June 2020.

Do you plan on picking up Snake Eyes: Deadgame?