An early leak of the latest issue of the video game focused Shueisha publication V Jump has revealed that Beerus’s Planet will be appearing in an upcoming set of DLC for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

This leak confirms the appearance of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods content, as previously revealed by datamined information.

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In the leak, courtesy of popular Dragon Ball twitter account @DbsHype, Beerus’ Planet can be seen on the first page of a double-page spread, labeled “DLC”:

Here’s a close-up of Beerus’ planet from V Jump.

Dragon Ball: Kakarot V Jump Leaks Reveal Beerus’ Planet, Confirming Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods DLC

And for comparison sake:

A translation of the details in V Jump by peraperayume confirms the next DLC will feature Beerus’ planet.

The translation reads:
“The drug for humans to become furries exists. These furries cannot return to humans because the drugs were produced with poor quality. The king of the world also became a furry because of the drugs.”

It continues, “Saiyan’s tails stop growing if their human form is stronger than their Giant Ape form.”

The translation adds, “Both things are “anecdotes which haven’t been drawn in the original work. Akira Toriyama revealed this setting for the first time”.”

It then details that Beerus’ planet will show up in the next DLC, “The next additional DLC will feature a mysterious tree with a recognizable shape. Seemingly such a stage that will also be in that DLC.”

It concludes, “That mysterious tree… Not even the palce where Paikuhan was.. Where was that…”

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The existence of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods DLC was previously discovered by YouTuber and dataminer SLOPlays, who showed off the fully developed Beerus and Whis characters in late January:

As of writing, no official DLC release date or content description has currently been released.

Are you looking forward to Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods content in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot?

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