An image of one of Riddler’s victims in the upcoming Batman film has leaked online along with a number of new plot details.

The image, which surfaced on 4chan, shows a man with his head completely wrapped in duct tape. Written on his head are the words, “No More Lies.”

Behind the man appears to be the chair or piece of furniture seen in Matt Reeves’ Day One Batman tweet.

The image would subsequently be shared to Twitter, where it was taken down “in response to a report from the copyright holder.”

Along with this new image, a number of new plot details were released.

The 4Chan leaker explains, “Riddler is the main villain. He’s a hitman whose identity is unknown and who leaves riddles at the scenes of his crimes.”

As for who the Riddler is working for, the leaker reveals it’s the Penguin, “He’s hired by Penguin to take out a series of high-profile targets, but Batman manages to keep up with his riddles, to Riddler’s surprise and excitement. Riddler gets increasingly obsessed with besting Batman intellectually to the point where he turns against Penguin.”

If it wasn’t obvious, the leaker adds, “One of Batman’s biggest goals is figuring out Riddler’s identity.”

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However, they also detail that the Riddler has a very different origin story from the one in the comics, “He’s an ex-intelligence operative gone rogue who erased all records of himself.”

In the comics, Riddler is originally a complete phony who gains a reputation at being a puzzle expert after cheating at a school contest and subsequently swindling his classmates and the citizens of Gotham.

Seeking a challenge to his rigged puzzles, E. Nigma decides to become The Riddler to challenge the Gotham police. Nigma explains, “I’ll make each crime a duel of wits between myself and the law – and fix the puzzles so I’ll always win!”

Finally, the leaker reveals that the Riddler’s first victim is the mayor of Gotham.

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This information backs up a previous leak as well as set photos.

A previous leak detailed that there would be a funeral scene for the Mayor of Gotham. A car spray painted with Riddler’s iconic question marks crashes the funeral. During the wreck, a man from inside the car crashes through the windshield with a bomb tied around his neck reading “DOA.” DOA is supposed to stand for detonate on arrival.

In that same leak, they detailed a separate scene where a car spray painted with Riddler markings rams through a lobby door.

Leaked set photos also show Batman and more than likely Catwoman riding on motorcycles through a graveyard, hinting that they might be attempting to respond to the attack on the mayor’s funeral.

What do you make of this new leak? Do you think that could be the mayor of Gotham and the first crime that Batman must solve in order to track down Riddler?


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