Following director Matt Reeves’ unveiling of the new Batsuit worn by Robert Pattinson in The Batman, we now have our clearest look yet at the new suit.

A batch of photos from the set just leaked to the web. They show Pattinson or a stuntman in the suit – which is more like armor – and riding on a new Batcycle or Batbike.

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Take a gander at the images below:

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A video also shows Batman wiping out as he drives through the rainy graveyard.

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Additionally, the cowl has lenses so we might get treated to the classic white eyes other rumors promised.

The suit is a bit bulkier than expected. Pattinson looked rather lean in the tenebrously lit red lighting and filter of the test footage. Below is a refresher for comparison.


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If it’s Pattinson in the suit or a stunt double is unconfirmed but look close and you’ll notice the person has black dots on his chin.

While it could be mud or something, strategically marked dots are used in the rendering process for visual effects. This indicates they might digitally superimpose Pattinson’s chin on his double in post-production.

The location they ride the cycles indicates another reported detail. They are in a cemetery and seem to be going over or rehearsing something.

Reportedly, there is a funeral scene, according to Reddit spoilers, where the Mayor of Gotham is laid to rest and The Riddler crashes the proceedings with a bomb.

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A stunt in which Bruce Wayne suits up and gives chase to an escaping criminal could be what they’re working on.

All will be revealed when The Batman reaches theaters in the summer of 2021.

What do you think of the new Batsuit now that you have a good look at it? Tell us down below.