Matt Reeves revealed his first camera test of Robert Pattinson in the Batsuit for his turn as the Dark Knight in The Batman.

Reeves posted the hair-under-a-minute clip of Pattinson wearing the cowl – we assume – in almost complete darkness to Vimeo and then shared it on Twitter with the hashtags #TheBatman and #CameraTest.

In the footage, the camera fades up from pitch black after about ten seconds and the emblem on the suit – which resembles the logo on a slate Reeves shared an image of a while back – comes into focus. Pattinson, in focus, then walks forward and stands in profile. Some ominous piano music plays over the clip.

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View it in full on Vimeo below:

ComposerMichael Giacchino confirmed it was his music in the video.

Reeves also noted that it was Giacchino’s music and the camera test was shot by Greig Fraser.

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Pattinson’s suit in the camera test was said to be taking inspiration from Batman: Noel and Lee Bermejo and there is a slight resemblance. It also looks vaguely similar to Patrick Wilson’s Nite Owl outfit in Zack Snyder’s Watchmen movie, at least in that light.

Geek Vibes Nation on Twitter shared an edited version of Reeves’ clip with the red filter removed, providing a much clearer look at the armor. It does look positively more tactical.

A reply would have us believe the Bat symbol is made from the gun that took the lives of his parents. That can’t be verified at this time but would make for an intriguing twist.

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The suit is reminiscent as well of a recent leak on Reddit purported to be legit. The image was too dark to tell for sure but it was declared fake not long after it went viral. Below is the post debunking the leaked photo.

UPDATE: THE SUIT LEAK IS FAKE. I saw that my post got some traction on twitter and wanted to do some investigating. After a while I found this batman cosplay on google. Pretty sure it’s the same one just edited a bit. The express guy in the comments was lying. from DCEUleaks

The funny thing is Pattinson seems to pattern his countenance on the cosplayer and the cowl looks similar in low light. It’s an odd coincidence too that the leaked image drops the same week as Reeves’ camera test.

Robert Pattinson is bulking up for the role and was first seen on The Batman’s English set atop a motorcycle and concealing his face. According to him, though, filming his scenes didn’t begin until the last few weeks.

He and a handful of others, including composer Michael Giacchino, have said they saw the final Batsuit and that it looks amazing. It looks none too shabby in that test footage if I do say so myself.

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Closer and clearer looks at Pattinson in costume and in action are sure to be forthcoming, as well as how the rest of the cast is going to look.

The Batman has a June 25, 2021 release date.

What do you think of the footage and the suit? Make your opinion known in the comments.

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