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Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) seeks for guidance at church in Man of Steel (2013), Warner Bros. Pictures
October 13, 2023
Reported but unreleased concept art for Superman: Legacy may indicate Brainiac, Jor-El, and Jimmy Olsen have been cast.
July 12, 2022
Eric July’s launch of his Rippaverse Comics was banned by the ComicBooks subreddit, which touts over 2.5 million true believers.
January 24, 2022
An activist moderator on the popular /r/Comics subreddit, which boasts membership of over 1.7 million readers, banned promotion of prolific comic book creator Mike Baron’s new book Thin Blue Line for “misinformation and racism.”
January 29, 2021
As Gamestop shares soar to new heights, tech platforms have sought to deplatform retail investors from investing against Wall Street.
LUke Skywalker
January 25, 2021
The Star Wars subreddit Saltier Than Crait has issued new guidelines for the forum banning anyone describing themselves as Fandom Menace as well as links to people they deem bad including Bounding Into Comics.
January 25, 2021
Artist Steven Wayne reports to Bounding Into Comics that his fan art of a Dark Side Ahsoka Tano has been censored from the Star Wars subreddit.
August 13, 2020
Moderators for the Animemes subreddit have banned the word “trap” on the grounds that “communities readily consider the term to be a slur.”
August 3, 2020
James Gunn Denies Alice Braga plays Poison Ivy in The Suicide Squad and then trashes a well-known comic news site for reporting rumors.
July 14, 2020
Henry Cavill addresses Witcher criticisms and how he feeds off/uses the input to help him if he thinks it can aid him in any way.
July 10, 2020
A Reddit leak by a former Warner employee goes into detail about the script written for The Flash by Ezra Miller and Grant Morrison.