The Batman: Working Title And Main Villain Allegedly Leak

The Batman is what we all call it but that might not be the name of Matt Reeves’ movie about the Dark Knight upon release. Online rumors and photo leaks reveal a different working title and so much more.

Reeves’ first slate on day one of filming stuck with “The Batman” (see below) but Robert Pattinson’s chair indicates they might transition away from that.

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An unauthorized photo of star Pattinson’s chair made its way onto Reddit with the word “Vengeance” emblazoned on it, seemingly confirming suspicions out there in the ether:

The leaking didn’t end there as further purported plot spoilers also hit Reddit. On Twitter, DC Movie News posted a thread of screenshots showing comments by user camera_overtime who answered questions and kept others posted on updates from the set.

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Camera_overtime, allegedly the same person who snapped the picture of Pattinson’s seat, starts by dishing up spoilers related to costumes, scenes, Riddler, and how Robert Pattinson looks as Bruce Wayne.

He/she first claims to have seen Jeffrey Wright as Jim Gordon and Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman but not the Batsuit since only a handful of action sequences have been filmed.

Camera_overtime asserts to having seen Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, writing the star has dark brown hair and looks good as a “billionaire” a-hole.

Also noted is Riddler crashes a funeral and a car covered in “riddler markings” drives through a lobby. It sounds like Edward Nygma (nee Nashton, played by Paul Dano) is up for some chaos.

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The spoilers continue: a car with Riddler’s markings drives into the funeral. It’s also painted with the letters DOA which stands for “detonate on arrival.” A guy wired with a bomb crashes through the windshield.

Camera_overtime reports the funeral is for Gotham’s Mayor.

There’s a question about Gordon’s “damn mustache” and overtime confirms he’s seen it:

Asked about Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne, Camera_overtime says he doesn’t know what the script calls for, but Pattinson looks “comfortable as Bruce… 100%.”

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Pressed with more inquiries about Catwoman, Gordon, and Riddler, he didn’t want to give more details for fear of spoiling the funeral scene but offered some hint of Selina Kyle’s costume and Gordon’s clothes.

He described Gordon as wearing the usual trench coat and called the Catwoman outfit “less skintight,” clarifying it’s “more biker leather” and all black with “a proper jacket” – a design running a little counter to the Darwyn Cooke one Redditor was hoping for.

Catwoman clip art

Finally, camera_overtime cleared up any doubt The Batman (Vengeance) takes place in modern times. Answering the charge of photos from the set showing people with smartphones, he affirms “Yes 100%,” adding Riddler uses FaceTime.

It indeed sounds like The Riddler is the main bad guy as rumored lately. And though the leak says nothing about a Batsuit in action, insider details about that can’t be far behind with Matt Reeves sharing the first glimpse last week.

Tell us what you think of the leaks and if it spoils The Batman or piques your interest more.

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