A recent datamining leak of the popular anime fighter’s third season of DLC has discovered the existence of files that strongly indicate that Kefla will be receiving a cinematic dramatic finish when Ultra Instinct Goku makes his debut in Dragon Ball FighterZ later this year.

The leak comes from video game modder and streamer UltIMa647, who discovered that Kefla’s character data featured “an empty animation folder against Goku Blue,” with Goku Blue acting as a generic placeholder character, suggesting that Kefla will have a unique finish when fighting against a form of Goku:

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If Kefla were to receive a dramatic finish against a form of Goku, it will most likely recreate Kefla and Goku’s showdown during the Tournament of Power. During the events of Dragon Ball Super, Goku uses the power of Ultra Instinct to skim across Kefla’s energy blast to deliver an up-close Imperfect Instinct Kamehameha, ending their battle and breaking apart the Potara based fusion between the two Saiyan sisters:

Given that the placeholder folder uses a generic Goku character in place of the as-of yet unreleased and currently-in development Ultra Instinct Goku, the odds of this scene making an appearance in Season Three are increasingly likely.

In addition to the empty animation folder, UltIMa647 also uncovered a bevy of of information concerning the upcoming DLC, including the lack of a folder for a Tournament of Power stage, a notable absence of any Ultra Instict Goku content, and confirmation that Videl and Adult Gohan remain the only characters with true alternate costumes (their Saiyaman outfits):

Kefla will release for Season Three pass holders on Wednesday, February 26th, with a wide-release set for the following Friday, February 28th. Ultra Instinct Goku is currently slated for a Spring 2020 release.