Bioshock 2 Developer David Pittman Threatens To End Indie Developer Derek Rumpler’s Career

Bioshock 2 developer David Pittman threatened to end indie developer Derek Rumpler’s career over a disagreement that initially began over the length of games.

The argument began with Pittman, who is currently developing The Blackout Club,  stating that he believed “video games should only be 2 hours long” in a now-deleted tweet.

Interestingly enough he did develop Bioshock 2 and even recently described it as “my favorite game development experience.”

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Rumpler, who is the founder of Alkterios Games LLC, responded writing, “If this is how you think, then maybe video games aren’t the hobby for you? Or just play shorter games. There are plenty of indie games that have a few hours of playtime. Not everything needs to cater your limited interests.”

In a separate thread, Pittman would write, “Real hot take: video games should not validate far-right viewpoints.”

When asked if he could think of any, Pittman responded, “I’d argue that most AAA FPS games with real gun brands and fake enemies are pushing a far-right view.”

Rumpler would criticize this viewpoint as well.

He writes, “This tweet right here exemplifies the quality of this Twitter account. No more highlighting it from me. I’m as left as one can be but even I realize “real gun brands means you’re a Nazi” is a horrible take.”

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Pittman would respond, “You sure are making a big leap there, dude. Maybe stop mentioning me.”

To which Rumpled replied, “You chose to reply and I am allowed to quote tweet you. Literally nothing you post on Twitter belongs to you. Review the TOS.”

And that’s when Pittman decided to threaten to end Rumpler’s career as a game developer.

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He responded writing, “::rubs temples:: I’m trying to be better than ending someone’s career with a tweet, but you’re making it very difficult. Gamedev is a small industry, and most of us are older than you and have different opinions than you. If you can’t cope in that environment, you will not last.”

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